For Single Page Applications


Hotwire is very new, the first version is launched in DEC 2020 and it is developed for Single Page Applications. Hotwire makes for a fast first-load page, with Hotwire it is a good time to creating something new.


Hotwire For Single-page Applications

We create fast first load pages which are composed of various techniques and frameworks to speed up the application's responsiveness by preventing a complete page reload.


Hotwire (HTML Over The Wire)

Hotwire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire. This makes for fast first-load pages, keeps template rendering on the server, and allows for a simpler, more productive development experience in any programming language, without sacrificing any of the speed or responsiveness associated with a traditional hotwire for single-page applications.

Hotwire aka NEW MAGIC is finally here:
“Hotwire is very new, the first version is launched in DEC 2020 and We started building app with Hotwire from the first version. Now our team is ready to take any new challange.

Why Choose Hotwire( HTML Over The Wire)?


50% Developmentcost-Cutting

We ensure to provide a 50% development cost-cutting starting from javascript developer. Hotwire is an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript. It means we give 20% effort and get an 80% result.


Error Free Code

With Hotwire technology, our developers write error free code because Hotwire reduces 80% javascript effort.Hotwire provides just enough client-side state handling without the bloat in other JavaScript libraries.


Boost Performance 50 Times

Hotwire development for e-commerce follow Boost performance 50 times.because one of the main feature Turbo which gives technique for bringing the speed. And it dividies complex pages into components.Turbo allow update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page.


The Super-Cool Combination

It is another step in Hotwire development process, we follow the HTML over the wire approach for rail app development. it's gives the super-cool combination like integrate hotwire in your rails app and also integrate hotwire in our vanila rail plus application Hotwire turbo is a replacement for turbo.

3 Basic Features In Hotwire


Turbo :

The heart of Hotwire is Turbo. A set of complementary techniques for speeding up page changes and form submissions, dividing complex pages into components, and stream partial page updates over WebSocket. All without writing any JavaScript at all. And designed from the start to integrate perfectly with native hybrid applications for iOS and Android.


Stimulus :

While Turbo usually takes care of at least 80% of the interactivity that traditionally would have required JavaScript, there are still cases where a dash of custom code is required. Stimulus makes this easy with a HTML-centric approach to state and wiring.


Strada :

Standardizes the way that web and native parts of a mobile hybrid application talk to each other via HTML bridge attributes. This makes it easy to progressively level-up web interactions with native replacements.

Featured Case Studies

Trusted by many entrepreneurs around the globe.

Featured Case Studies

Trusted by many entrepreneurs around the globe.


Sebamed USA

Online one stop solution to buy evolutionary skincare product sebamed from

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A product by doctor for doctor’s. Optometry cloud EHR & practice management software.

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Claire Austin

Quality, hand-picked collections of perennials & peonies from one of the country leading horticulturalists

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