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An evolutionary skincare product manufacturer, Sebamed has always strived to develop products providing efficacious skin-care solutions using scientific approaches. Not only do our products strengthen healthy Skin-Barrier but are also tested on sensitive skin, not on animals!



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Web Development


California, United States


Web, Responsive

The Client Brief

Build an online e-commerce application for selling Sebamed skin care products. Make it more reachable and easy to buy. Sebamed products help to maintain a healthy level of pH 5.5 to your skin. If you are dealing with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sensitive skin, or just looking to maintain healthy skin, Sebamed has your solution. Through an online application, we would like to achieve customer reach and want significant growth in our customer base and ROI.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge for the BlueBash team was to justify the Sebamed market & brand value. Sebamed already has a huge customer base and popularity. We begin with understanding all possible use cases for existing customers and then at the same time meeting new user expectations without compromising on usability and user experience. Our team came up with exciting custom features for the SebamedUSA web application through multiple rounds of brainstorming.


The Solution

While acquainting ourselves with the mission and objective of brand SebamedUSA, we studied their existing product and parallelly ran an in-depth competitive research. Since this was an e-commerce platform meant for the mass crowd, it was extremely crucial to categorize the products and offerings appropriately and ease the user navigation. With a strong structure in place, we were able to reduce the bounce rate from the website to a great extent. And successfully pushed ROI towards growth.


Product Development


We’re spree partners.

Having years of experience in creating extensions for one of the fastest growing open source project in the world.

1. Spree Partners - A Referral & Reward Program

A referral and reward program is a software that helps in market your products or services and gain more new customers to a business in a short period of time, which is the prior need for any startup business.

2. Spree Loyalty - A Basic Loyalty Program

Spree loyalty program is a software that was designed in an open source eCommerce Platform i.e Spree to make feel customer worth enough to come back to the store and make a purchase.

3. Spree Locator - Google MapLocator

Google provides us many great services and Google Maps is among one of them, that can be implemented by obtaining an api key.

4. Spree Wishlist - A Spree Extension& Reward Program

Wishlist is always be another important aspect for any eCommerce Store. Spree, which is a powerful eCommerce Platform, provides a lot of extensions to enhance the functionality of any kind of store.

5. Multi-Address Support For Checkout

An ecommerce Store having support of multi-address provides flexibility for customers to not to struggle with entering their shipping or billing address every time on checkout.

6. Cross-sells and Up-sells

Understanding the needs of your customer and offering relevant products will bring selling more easily. Up-sells and Cross-sells are a very effective sales approach to boost revenue.

7. Product Bundle

Product bundling is the technique of combining products into a bundle and selling the bundle at discount. Selling products as bundles brings benefits to both your business and your customers.

8. Recently viewed Products

Product recommendations are always an effective way to influence customers purchase. Adding recently viewed products to your app offers customers to view and revisit product pages

9. Products on Sale/Discount

It is a widely used eCommerce technique to promote the products by selling them at a price lower than that item is normally sold for.

10. Trial Product - Get Free Sample Product

Trail product is a feature that provides an extra edge to any website or business. It strengthens the customer trust and satisfaction with the product they use.

11. B2B Selling (WholeSale Feature)

When It comes to B2B selling, we must show you some stats that proves how this helps in growing your business and increase in sales.

SebamedUSA Product Owner Feedback

Hey! Don’t take our words for it. Take theirs.


If you are looking for highly experienced developers that will go the extra mile to get your project completed on time and to the highest level, look no further. These guys are the best not just in their programming abilities but also they care about the quality of their work.

Mr. Alex Pooya Fazeli

CEO,, United States
There’s a bit of magic in everything you experience with us.


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