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RAW WINE is the largest community of growers, producers, and lovers of low-intervention organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. Raw wine is a great platform for the Growers & Makers to advertise their wines, for Importers & Distributors & Bars and Restaurants to connect with each other to buy and sell the wines further.

RAW WINE is responsible for selling the wines on the behalf of their Growers & Makers. RAW WINE organizes the FAIRS and RAW WINE weeks in different parts of the world where local Growers & Makers, Importers & Distributors and Bars & Restaurants can join through events.


Project Overview

RAWWINE is not only an Ecommerce platform to sell wines but it's also a great way to showcase the wines from the growers & makers. Customers can create their profile as WINE LOVERS and can buy a wide range of Vintage & Non Vintage wines from the finest vineyard and from certified Growers & makers.

RAW WINE was founded in 2012 by Isabelle Legeron & Deborah Lambert, the company's owner. Since then, it has expanded to become the largest community of low-intervention organic, biodynamic, and natural wine producers in the world, complete with fairs, a wine club, and an online store.

By joining the RAW WINE club, US purchasers of RAW WINE also have the opportunity to sign up for membership for recurring monthly wine deliveries.


As per the initial challenge, the client was looking for an experienced RoR development house who they can rely on and can take the charge of the project, solve the blockers, provide guidance, provide technical approach on the scalability and on important pending features which was yet to be released on priority.

The client had a list of important features which needed to be discussed, planned and released for their different types of users so that processes can be fully automated and users can have the best user experience over the website.




We worked on the existing features, fixing the behaviors, and improved the flow to give the best user experience.

Feature Planning

There was a time, we needed to plan important features, breakdown the feature to smaller modules for easy deliveries, and do feature releases based on Agile methodology so that everything looks and works fine without compromising the user experience.

Communication Preferences Management

We worked on a problem where users who once subscribed for the newsletters, were not able to manage their newsletter preferences. We gave all types of users whether registered user or guest user to manage the newsletter subscription from their account page using Klaviyo as a service. We customized the flow of the Klaviyo so that the client will have the user flow they were expecting.


As a most important feature of the RAW WINE, Admin can create RAW WINE weeks directly from the Admin panel instead of using other services or CMS. RAW WINE will show all the upcoming RAW WINE weeks on the front page and previous weeks too.

RAW WINE week is a powerful Marketing tool for their users to promote their events through the RAW WINE week page. Different types of users can have an ability to create events based on the weeks created by Admin. In detail, RAW WINE week is a collection of weeks which will be organized by RAW WINE in different regions of the world and Users (local Growers & Makers, Bars & Restaurants and Importers & Distributors) can create an event based on their locality.

All the events can be created hassle free by Users (local Growers & Makers, Bars & Restaurants and Importers & Distributors) from their account directly by filling in a few details about their event dates (Can be multiple). event location, participants, ticket booking (if applicable) wines they will showcase, etc. Once the event is created, users can publish them or edit them as per their requirements. Once it's published by a user, it will be visible to other users on the RAW WINE week page and users can easily visit the venue location with the help of Google maps.


Other Custom Features

With other major features deployment, there are other points which we worked on:

  • Ability to manage the Homepage banners, Fairs images & RAWWINE weeks. Here admin can add different images for each section, add links to the images, and reposition them.
  • Added the feature for customers to Add the product to cart from listing page, instead of going to product detail page & managed for products with variants scenarios as well.
  • Made the Klaviyo Integration works fine so that the state of the products in Klaviyo will have published state and works well with campaigns
  • Along with other issues, We improved the overall UI of the website so that it works well without breaking the user experience

Services We Provided

  • Technology consultation & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Team of Ruby on Rails developers
  • Frontend developer
  • Quality assurance
  • DevOps

Our Process & Approach:

  • Feature/Problem discussion

As working in agile methodology with weekly meetings we ensure that we are in the right direction and it enables the client to better strategize the product in terms of priorities & executions of another area of a product like marketing & fundraising.

  • Creating an Approach

In order to solve the problem or create an approach for new features, we always follow the best practices to make the approach reliable, robust and easy to scale and keeping user experience in mind.

  • Daily Scrum

The internal scrum meetings are to discuss where we are on the feature ,any blocker that we are facing and the tasks which are needed to be done on priority. Any questions raised by the development team are answered. The main motive of the meeting is to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

  • Communication channel

To monitor the progress and make sure we are on the right track, we have used Github ticketing for project management, Slack for our communication with clients. We make sure that we take care of all issues 24/7.

  • Demo meetings

Regular demo meetings with clients are to ensure that we are on the right track.To present/update clients on what we have achieved so far, get their feedback or any blocker we’re facing, how we can improve them and to discuss our next priorities. Everything discussed in the meeting is documented in Minutes of meeting document. It includes the key points discussed, the participants involved, the resolution arrived at etc.

  • Daily reporting

Daily reports are sent to the client in order to update them on the progress of what we have accomplished in a day. At the end of the day, the project manager gathers updates from all team members and processes them into valuable information for the client. It includes everything that is done in a day.

Tools Used

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Project Status

BlueBash continues to improve the application while the project is still in process in order to produce the desired outcomes.