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Crypto Store is an innovative online platform that serves as an ATM for cryptocurrencies. It revolutionizes the way to purchase Bitcoin with cash from any grocery shop using cash. It offers a seamless and convenient alternative to physical crypto ATMs, eliminating installations and maintenance costs. This groundbreaking solution simplifies transactions and ensures cost-effectiveness, making it the preferred choice for both users and businesses.


Project Overview

We are making cryptocurrency convenient—as easy as buying milk. We believe cryptocurrency will play a great role in the future of financial services as we move towards a global economy. However, we feel the lack of ease in purchasing cryptocurrency with cash is holding back uptake within the general public. For cryptocurrencies to reach their full potential, they should be available to all just as easily as we buy milk from our local grocery store.

A Glance


The Biggest challenge was to understand the workings of cryptocurrency ATMs in depth. When we started on this idea, it was completely new for us and there was no other competitor. We did a lot of research and experiments. We just had an idea, but we needed to learn how to build it. Security was a primary concern because it's all about financial transactions. Managing agent commissions was challenging because Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate every second.

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We began with small tests and research to understand better. We focused on keeping data safe with strong security measures. After testing different parts separately, we put everything together into one platform. We used exchanges like OKx and Coinbase to create a cost-effective solution for users and admins. We built a commission structure for agents that effectively manages all transaction records and calculates agents' commissions. Our platform works well on mobile and desktop devices.

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Services We Provided

  • Tech Consultancy

Our tech consultant provides expert guidance, innovative solutions, and tailored strategies for businesses navigating digital transformation and technological challenges.

  • Backend Development

We take care of all backend development. We made a small team for App Backend Development. We added many custom features and took care of third-party integration.

  • Frontend Development

Frontend development involves creating user interfaces and experiences for websites and applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies. Due to a limited budget, we choose a Mobile Web Responsive design with a cutting-edge PWA solution.

  • Cloud Infra Management

Cloud infrastructure management involves overseeing and optimizing the deployment, maintenance, and performance of resources and services within a cloud computing environment. We hosted servers on Amazon Web Services.

  • App Maintenance

App maintenance involves regularly updating, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and ensuring compatibility with new operating systems and devices.

  • UI/UX

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design focuses on creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences for users across various devices.

Features & Integration

1. Simple Dashboard

The platform boasts an intuitive dashboard, offering easy navigation for users to manage transactions and view account details seamlessly.

2. Detailed Sales Reports

Users gain access to in-depth reports, which provide valuable insights into sales performance and trends and give informed decision-making.

3. Tools to Manage Customers

Efficient tools streamline customer profile management and transaction tracking, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. Advanced filters for customer listing, add additional value to this project.

4. Automatic Commission Calculations

Automated commission calculations ensure accuracy and efficiency, saving time and minimizing user errors.

5. QR Code Scanning

Cryptocurrency wallet addresses are difficult to enter while conducting transactions because they are long. QR code scanning enables swift and hassle-free transactions, enhancing convenience and human error-free transactions.

6. User Verification

Robust verification processes enhance security and compliance, safeguarding user accounts and transactions. We integrated third-party API and submitted customer details.

7. Customizable Commission Settings

Admin has flexibility with customizable commission rates, catering to different relations with agents. Admin can set commission structure as per negotiation with Agent.

8. Live Exchange Rates

Real-time exchange rates provide up-to-date information, ensuring accurate and transparent transaction processing.

9. Quick Currency Transfers

Swift currency transfers between users facilitate seamless transactions, fostering a frictionless user experience.

10. Admin Wallet

The administrative wallet empowers administrators to manage funds and transactions securely, ensuring smooth platform operations and oversight.

11. Third Party Integrations

API's integration with exchanges like OKx and Coinbase for seamless transactions.

Our Process & Approach

  • Daily Scrum

Our internal scrum meetings aim to discuss the progress of the feature we are working on, identify any blockers hindering our progress, and prioritize the tasks that need to be completed. During the meeting, any questions raised by the development team are addressed. The main aim of the scrum is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal.

  • Communication Channel

To monitor progress and ensure we are on the right track, we have used Github ticketing for project management and Slack for client communication. We ensure that we take care of production issues 24/7.

  • Demo Meetings

Regular demo meetings with clients ensure that we are on the right track. They present/update clients on what we have achieved so far, get their feedback or any blocker we’re facing, discuss how we can improve them, and discuss our next priorities. Everything discussed in the meeting is documented in the minutes of the meeting document. It includes the key points discussed, the participants involved, the resolution arrived at, etc.

  • Daily Reporting

Daily reports are sent to the client to update them on the progress of what we have accomplished in a day. The project manager gathers updates from all team members and processes them into valuable information for the client. It includes everything that is done in a day.

Tech Stack

talwind css
ruby on rails

Project Status

BlueBash continues to improve the application while the project is still in process in order to produce the desired outcomes.

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Great service, very capable, on budget and time, always available to answer questions and concerns. Their professionalism and expertise ensured smooth progress throughout the project. Their proactive approach and attention were impressive, resulting in a successful outcome. I would recommend you to choose them for your project without hesitation.

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We are making cryptocurrency convenient for hassle-free transactions and widespread adoption.


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