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Making cryptocurrency convenient. As easy as buying milk. We believe cryptocurrency will play a great role in the future of financial services as we move towards a global economy. We feel the lack of ease in purchasing cryptocurrency is holding back uptake within the general public. For cryptocurrencies to reach their full potential they should be available to all just as easily as we buy milk from our local grocery store.



Fintech & Banking

Our Role

UI/UX Design, Web Development


England, UK


Web, Responsive

The Client Brief

By partnering with local stores we believe we could make availability and convenience a core foundation of our service experience. This would benefit both customers through availability and retail store owners through increased foot fall to the business. First release to market will focus on the sale of Bitcoin to customers, in this case a customer would locate and approach a retailer, who will assist the customer through the process.


The Challenge

The Biggest challenge was to understand the working of the Crytocurrency in depth. As most of us are aware of the concept of cryptocurrency, still uncertainty, doubts, speculations, and reservations are dominant. Hence, the user base was still hesitant about trading in it. Our goal was to make that happen! The point of view for the whole team was made cryptocurrency convenient. As easy as buying milk. This mantra was guiding principles for all of us to reach a feasible & affordable solution.


The Solution

Bluebash was approached to build a customer and admin portal. Our aim was to help with an interactive and immersive platform that provided investing solutions to the UK customer base. The initial study shows that many trading apps that were existing at the time were built for traders and those who were professionally dealing with cryptocurrency. We joined hands with a Crypto-store to help enable, empower, and educate every citizen to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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Cryptostore Product Owner Feedback

Hey! Don’t take our words for it. Take theirs.


Great service, very capable, on budget and time, always available to answer questions and concerns. Would recommend you use for your project.

Kulvinder Singh

CEO, Crypto-Store.Co.UK
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