Corsidia helps the finest teachers to find their next students and vice versa. On Corsidia the potential students can search for the educational opportunities of their interest, contact directly the teachers and then leave a review. The courses offers a free service to help you find the best course, to easily receive all the organizational information to attend it and, finally, to assert your opinion.

Project Overview


Corsidia is a learning platform, which helps Students & People to grow and earn money. Corsidia’s Founder has been taking care of development & UI/UX of the platform. In order to expand the business they needed someone who can maintain it for him. That’s when they decided to out source these services to Bluebash.

Our Role


UI/UX Design


Development Focus


Technology Upgrade



This project started on March 2019. The client approached Bluebash with the requirement for technology upgradation.

After upgrading the technology, they also wanted to upgrade the look & feel of the platform. Since that day, Bluebash has provided services to Corsidia and will continue to do so for years to come.

Problem Statement


Problems :

1.Because of self-development, the client did not get time to work on increasing sales.

2.The UX & UI of the app does not matches the current trends.

3.App technology needs to be upgraded according to the enhanced features.


Step 1.

Problem : Because of self development, the client did not get time to work on increasing sales.

Solution: Here are some points on which we need to work to boost our sales, as the client itself has no time to do work on it :


Timely Meetings to discuss the Milestone

We provide time-to-time updates to the client so that he can feel secure and happy while working with us. In contrast, we first brainstorm ideas with clients before implementing them.


Timely Deliveries

We deliver the code before the deadline so that the client can look into it & suggest any change if needed . All of the designs are user friendly and client satisfying.


Focused more on the quality of the code

The client is a technical person who also focuses on coding. We make sure our code is readable & easy to understand, so client can also make changes by himself.

Step 2.

Problem : The UX & UI of the app does not matches the current trends.

Solution : To sort this situation out, here are some main features:

Search Bar




Offline / Online View of Course


Dynamic Navigation

Step 3.

Problem : App technology needs to be upgraded according to the enhanced features.


Rails 5.2 upgraded to Rails 7

Rails 7 is Hotwire; modern and dynamic web applications. There have been updates to ActiveRecord, ActiveJob, ActiveStorage, ActiveRecord, and other changelogs.


Ruby 2.5.6 upgraded to ruby 3.1

There are some improvements around performance, concurrency and type checking. Plus changes in syntax and gem updates, as covered in the Other notable changes since 2.7 section.


Paperclip upgraded to Active Storage for all media files

Rails 7 does not support paper clip due to which we were facing difficulties in storing files. To get rid of this problem we moved from paperclip to active storage.


Bluebash Consultion Pvt. Ltd. effectively delivered a high-quality MVP by the ambitious deadline. Their project management was perfect, and the team was clearly commited to delivering the best results. Their team was comprised of skilled developers but was flexible in working on as-needed basis.

Duccio Armenise

CEO Corsidia

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