Corsidia links outstanding teachers with eager students, streamlining course discovery and interaction. Users can explore diverse courses, engage with instructors, and share feedback. The platform offers a comprehensive service, assisting users in finding suitable courses and accessing enrollment information. Corsidia goes beyond a typical learning platform, fostering connections between students and educators. It promotes knowledge sharing, skill development, and opportunities for growth. Whether users want to expand their knowledge or pursue new opportunities, Corsidia supports them.

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Project Overview

Corsidia aims to streamline the student inquiry process and provide schools a platform to address student inquiries efficiently. It comprises four main components:

1. School Marketplace: This section enables students to explore various courses offered by different schools listed on Corsidia. Users can view course details, browse through pages, and use search filters to refine their options. Additionally, students can utilize geolocation features to find schools or courses in specific areas and raise inquiries directly with school administrators.

2. Super Admin Dashboard: Administrators use this dashboard to oversee and manage the entire Corsidia platform. They can make changes to schools, courses, and marketplace listings. Other functions include:

  • Managing billing payouts.
  • Setting prices for lead generation.
  • Handling wallet credits for school admins.
  • Running Google ad campaigns. Super admins also have access to monthly analytics for all schools and administrators.

3. School Dashboard: This dashboard allows school admins to manage school and course details. They can create, update, and manage courses associated with their school, as well as manage their Corsidia plan (free or paid). The dashboard caters to three types of users (owner, admin, manager), each with varying levels of access. School dashboard users can access billing logs, view performance analytics, and manage users (owner access). Recently, we added the capability for school admins to request ad campaigns for better lead generation.

4. Student Dashboard: Students use this dashboard to view courses and raise inquiries. They can also track the progress of inquiries generated from the marketplace and communicate with school administrators through messages.

A Glance


During the early stages, the product owner, who also served as the primary developer, expressed concerns regarding the future development and operational processes as the platform expanded. His primary concern was to establish a dedicated team of skilled developers for Corsidia to ensure continued platform enhancement while prioritizing code quality and ensure that best practices were being followed. Additionally, there was a need to improve the platform's UI and UX and make it more intuitive so as to enhance engagement on the platform.

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Upon recognizing the product owner's concerns, our first step was to establish a specialized team solely dedicated to advancing the platform's development. Simultaneously, we aimed to introduce efficient processes to enhance workflow efficiency as the platform grows. This included utilizing project management tools and communication channels to facilitate smooth collaboration among team members.

Additionally, we established a well-structured pipeline to maintain high code quality standards and adhere to industry best practices throughout the development process. Our goal was to uphold excellence and reliability in our work, ensuring the platform's long-term success and sustainability.

We also recognized the importance of user experience in driving platform satisfaction. To improve this, we provided UI/UX expertise to redesign the application's interface and interaction. We aimed to make the platform easier and more intuitive, resulting in happier and more engaged users.

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Services We Provided

  • Development Support

Since our initial engagement with the client, we have been committed to providing comprehensive development support, keeping best practices in mind. As the application grew in scale, our team of experienced developers offered expertise in both frontend and backend development.

  • UI/UX

Another aspect of the application we have worked on is the UI/UX of the platform. The main requirement here was to revamp the UI/UX of the platform in order to increase engagement and make it more intuitive.

  • Project Management

To streamline processes and ensure timely delivery in alignment with client requirements, we extended project management support. This facilitates effective coordination within our team and with the client, maintaining efficiency throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Managed Cloud

Apart from the services mentioned above, we also manage and monitor their cloud servers on .

App Modules

Super Admin Dashboard

1. Monthly Analytics Dashboard

2. Detailed Traffic Analytics

3. Create and Manage Schools

4. Administrate Schools

5. Blacklist Management

6. Create and Manage Courses

7. Edit Multiple Coursess

8. Manage School Wallet Funds

9. Overall Email Logs

10. View Student Feedbacks

11. Search Logs

12. Manage Enquiry Tickets

School Dashboard

1. Analytics Dashboard

2. Manage Profile

3. Manage School Users

4. Manage Enquiries

5. Create and Manage courses

6. Manage Billing and Wallets

7. Manage Media Library

8. Manage School Testimonials

9. Request For AD Campaigns

Student Dashboard

1. View Listing Page

2. List Query

3. View Enquiries

4. Messaging School Admins

5. School Contacts

6. Alert View

7. Profile Management

8. School Contacts

9. Adjust Alerts

70+ More Features

Advanced Features & Integration

1. Run Ad Campaigns via Google Ads

We recently added a feature to our system allowing school admins to request ad campaigns to promote their schools and courses. By integrating Google Ads into our platform, we enabled the processing of ad requests and running ads on behalf of schools and school admins. This feature allows school admins to request campaigns for a fee, enhancing the visibility of their schools and courses.

2. Multiple Admins

Initially, only one School admin per school was allowed on Corsidia. However, as the platform expanded, managing all school-related tasks became challenging for a single user. To address this, we introduced the option for schools to have multiple admins. We also defined different user types (Owner, Admin, and Manager) based on their access levels. Additionally, we enabled school admins to be associated with multiple schools as it was possible that a school admin could be related to various schools as well.

3. Updating the Technology Stack

Corsidia previously used older version of its technical stack, so we updated to the latest version of Ruby on Rails (Rails 7) and added Hotwire and Stimulus for further improvements. This enhanced both the frontend and backend of the platform, making it more efficient and scalable.

Our Process & Approach

  • Daily Scrum

We conduct daily scrum meetings within our team to provide updates on current plans and address any roadblocks encountered.

  • Daily Reporting

Regular communication with the client ensures they are informed of progress and any issues that may arise, allowing for timely resolution.

  • Weekly Meetings

Weekly calls with the client cover progress updates, upcoming features, and issue resolution. Meeting minutes are recorded to track discussions and ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Approach Creation

We develop robust and scalable approaches alongside the product owner for new features or issues, prioritizing expectations, best practices, and user experience. Thorough research guides our solutions.

  • Communication

Active communication is vital, and we utilize platforms like Github, Slack, Zoho/Google meet.

  • Continuous Support

We provide 24/7 support, monitoring servers and aligning our efforts with the project owner's goals.

Tech Stack

rails cors

Project Status

Bluebash continues to focus on improving this application while it is currently in use. We continue to work on the application to provide the desired outcome to the client and the students.

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Your Valuable Feedback Encourages Us To Work Even Harder

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I appreciated their commitment to delivering high-quality results. Bluebash effectively delivered a high-quality MVP by the ambitious deadline. Their project management was perfect, and the team was committed to delivering the best results. Their team was comprised of skilled developers but was flexible in working on an as-needed basis.

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Mr. Duccio Armenise

Founder & CEO at Corsidia


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Milan, Italy


Development of new features for Corsidia to manage the student inquiry process and build a brand new platform.




4 specialists


4300+ hours




Ruby on Rails / HOTWIRE / Postgres HEROKU / Mailgun / TWILLIO


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