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Pop store is a one-stop online Marketplace connecting local merchants with customers, making shopping for daily necessities easy. The platform offers a user-friendly experience, allowing merchants to set up online stores in just a few simple steps without the required tech expertise.


Project Overview

The Bluebash team built a user-friendly online multi-vendor marketplace for the Singapore market; it offers local sellers onboarding and selling products online. Merchants can quickly sign up on, fill in basic information, and start selling. We developed a MVP version of the platform in just 2-3 months, then continuously added new features. Each vendor gets their own unique domain for their store, and they can manage everything from orders to payments, inventory, and more. Merchants can also use popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to reach even more customers. Initially, it was developed for Singapore only but later, it was launched for the Philippines as well.

A Glance


The client was looking to develop a highly interactive online marketplace with an easy onboarding process for non tech merchants who can build their own store within a few minutes and start selling to their customers. For the same, the request was to develop an MVP within a short time, tailored for non-tech users and customers to purchase the goods without any difficulties. Since the platform targeted users in Singapore and the Philippines, integrating local delivery services and payment methods was essential. The whole platform needs to be built based on the mobile-first approach so that it can be easily accessible by the Merchants and the customers. Additionally, we had to ensure merchants could receive payments seamlessly through the platform.

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We took the client's designs for both mobile and desktop versions and made them user-friendly for everyone. Merchants can now sign up in just a few steps, get their own unique web address, and easily manage their stores. They can receive payments effortlessly and choose from various payment and shipping options tailored to their country. Plus, they can promote their products on social media. For customers, buying is simple using the mobile devices and they can pay online through the platform or choose to pay when they receive their orders.

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Advanced Features & Integration

1. Easy Onboarding of Merchants

Using Pop Store's user-friendly interface, merchants can easily onboard themselves to the Marketplace with a few steps and start selling the products. The steps include:

Setup store: Share business details like Name, Logo, Description of the business & CountryMarketing Configuration: Here, merchants need to add their business's social media details, which will help them grow and approach a wider range of customers.

Create Account: Here, merchant add their personal info and login details.

Add Products: Merchant now starts adding their products, prices, and images to be published on their store.

Setup Payments: Select the payment option he wants to enable in their store. He can also create a custom payment gateway.

Setup Shipping: Select the Shipping option he wants to enable in their store. He can also create custom shipping.

2. Multi Domain Solution

Every merchant on the Pop store has their own custom domain, which can be used to help merchants make their own branding and brand building.

3. Dedicated Merchant's Landing Page

Merchants have their own custom landing page with various store details and products listed. They can edit the page as per their requirements. They can also edit the store information, such as adding banners, deals, etc., to attract customers

4. Shipping Configuration

Vendors can select the various Shipping methods or create their own custom shipping methods with shipping details. Customers can select any of the shipping methods while placing an order.

5. Secure Merchant Payouts

Using the Stripe Connect payout solution, merchants can now securely get paid. To receive payments, merchants just need to complete their Stripe profile and enter their business details.

6. Easy to Market the Stores

Merchants can market their stores quickly and reach a wider customer range using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. We worked on some social media marketing automation features.

7. Hassle-Free Checkout Process

For the customers, it's quite easy to place an order and select the various shipping methods or payment gateways as per their convenience & in a few steps, the order can be placed.

Services We Provided

  • Backend Development

We developed the complete backend features for the Marketplace and ensured it cooperates well with different third-party services and solutions we are using. It was a wholly customized spree-based backend.

  • Frontend Development

We make the website look good and easy to use. We use Tailwind CSS for the frontend development.

  • Project Management Operations

Our dedicated PMOs manage project management operations, utilizing tools like GitHub. This facilitates streamlined communication, task tracking, and efficient project execution.

  • Agile Development Process

Our experienced developers follow an agile methodology, working in sprints and delivering daily reports. This approach ensures rapid development and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

  • 24*7 Production Support

We provide constant support for escalations, product launches, and offer extended assistance for effective coordination. Our commitment to availability ensures a seamless and successful project delivery, no matter the circumstances.

Our Process & Approach

  • Requirement Gathering And Understanding

We collected requirements and analyzed the needs and expectations of stakeholders to ensure that the Marketplace meets their requirements.

  • Project Planning

This involved carefully planning how to approach the project and cover all aspects to ensure its success.

  • Daily Scrum

The internal scrum meetings discuss where we are in the task planning process, any blockers we are facing, and the tasks that need to be done as a priority. Any queries or doubts the team presents are answered and resolved during this time.

  • Communication Channel

We utilized various tools for project management and communication with the client to track progress and ensure alignment with expectations.

  • Daily Tasks update & Meetings with Client

We held daily meetings with the client to update them on our progress and discuss any challenges or blockers we faced. Additionally, we provided status reports at the end of each day to keep them informed.

  • Quality Assurance

We employ a rigorous quality assurance process that encompasses thorough testing, code reviews, and quality checks at each stage of development. This ensures that the final product meets the highest quality standards and performs reliably in production environments.

  • Regular Code Audits & Upgrade

Tech leads conducted regular code audits at the end of each sprint to ensure code efficiency and adherence to standard principles. This helped maintain the platform's quality and stability over time.

App Modules

Admin Users

1. User Management

2. Orders Management

3. Products Managements

4. Stock Management

5. Merchant Onboarding

6. Merchants Onboarding Configuration

7. Configurations for Payouts Using Stripe

Merchant User

1. Orders Management

2. Products Management

3. Stock Management

4. Custom Banners for Store

5. Store Configuration

50+ More Features

Tech Stack


Project Status

Bluebash handed over the end product to the client successfully. The client is working on the next stage of the product

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