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Project Overview

As a multivendor marketplace for Merchants to sell daily need groceries, the platform needs to be capable of setting up stores with ease & ability to manage orders, inventory, shipping & payments. Mr. Mingming (Co-founder & CEO) was looking for eCommerce experts to work on MVP for market acceptance testing. Initial MVP was completed between 2-3 months & after Pre-seed funding, Mr. Mingming continued on project development to make a better version of it and meet all customer requirements.

Our Role








The client was expecting MVP to be done quickly so that product can go out for acceptance testing. The target market was South Asia & targeted customers belong to the age group of 30-60, so the challenge was to integrate local delivery & payment services for payments/payouts. The user experience needs to be good as our targeted customers are not tech-savvy.




At the first stage, researching & planning architecture was essential, so we proposed an architecture design with a technology stack. We decided to use the spree framework as our base of eCommerce, the next finalized delivery service for instant delivery, a service to accept payments from store customers, and payouts to merchants.



For delivery, we have used a pickupp service that is quite popular in south Asia & easy to integrate with our application. With this service, we are able to populate live delivery rates for our customers during checkout.


Stripe is good for both payments & payouts. With stripe payments integration we enabled our checkout to accept card payments. With stripe payouts, we are able to pay our merchants for their orders instantaneously and keep service fee at the same time

Custom features

With major eCommerce features there are custom features that makes this project different from other marketplaces.

  • Dedicate Store landing pages make store customers search and order store-specific items.
  • Social marketing - The platform enables merchants to market their stores on social platforms easily.
  • Custom Domain - Merchants can choose custom domains for their landing pages
  • Bulk upload - Merchants can upload their product catalog and let the application to populate it in their store in a few minutes.
  • Onboarding experience - Developed onboarding experience to enable merchants to set up their stores in a few minutes.

Services We Provided

Technology consultation & Planning

Project Management

Team of Ruby on Rails developers

Frontend developer

Quality assurance



Our Process & Approach:

  • Weekly Scrum/Demo meeting with a client

As working in agile methodology with weekly meetings we ensure that we are in the right direction and it enables the client to better strategize the product in terms of priorities & executions of another area of a product like marketing & fundraising.

  • Internal Daily Scrum

The project manager conducts daily scrum meetings to discuss the day plan and talk about any challenges that we are facing so that team is clear about goals, & client expectations.

  • Daily reporting

At the end of the day project manager gathers all updates from all team members and processes them into valuable information for the client like

  • Where are we with a feature?
  • Is there any blocker team is facing?
  • Is any attention required from a client?
  • Any waiting approvals from a client?
  • Estimations

We make sure before working on any feature we research well enough on it, make execution plans and provide tentative estimations. This practice is very helpful for product owners to decide product priorities. For example, if any feature is taking 1 month for implementation but adds less value to the customers then it can be de-priorities over the feature which can be done in a week but adds more value to the product. The project manager conducts daily scrum meetings to discuss the day plan and talk about any challenges that we are facing so that team is clear about goals, & client expectations.

  • Tools

We have used Github ticketing for project management, and Slack for communication, working with the right tools on this project enabled us to move even more faster.

Tech Stack

pickupp _icon_pop

Project Status

Bluebash handed over the end product to the client successfully. The client is working on the next stage of the product