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It is a centralized marketplace, from where a vendor can sell their products on multiple channels, be that own website or other channels such as eBay and Amazon, and manage their inventory from a single point.

It is offering a wide range of products, be that household essentials to supplements, to gadgets and many more, all aimed at delivering quality items at affordable prices.

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Project Overview

Our application's core focus is on streamlining ordering mechanisms and management. It comprises an Admin Dashboard, offering administrators control over order, product, and shipment management, along with analytics tools for data-driven decisions.

It makes it possible for vendors to sell products on multiple channels like eBay and Amazon and manage their inventory and pricing in one dashboard. It helps vendors to expand user sales and audience reach, simplifying listing management, inventory sync, and providing comprehensive reports and analytics for vendors.

The Storefront provides customers with an intuitive shopping experience, featuring a diverse product catalog, secure user authentication, efficient search and filtering, and seamless order management and checkout


The client faced a challenge in establishing an effective e-commerce platform with a marketplace model. With limited knowledge of open-source platforms like Spree Commerce, the company sought to build a scalable e-commerce application for sustainable long-term operation. To address this, Client needed a dedicated team with expertise in SpreeCommerce to lead and navigate the complexities of development and ensure the platform's robustness, scalability, and future maintainability

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To address the challenges regarding the development of an e-commerce platform utilizing Spree. We proposed a customised solution on top of spree. We recognized the complexities, facilitated knowledge-sharing sessions, and provided detailed solution architecture.

We proactively understand their raw requirements, collaborating closely to define clear objectives and tailor solutions to their specific challenges. These initiatives ensured a smooth and efficient development process, empowering the team with the necessary expertise, resources, and guidance to build a scalable and sustainable e-commerce platform.

We prioritized maintaining up-to-date databases, services, frameworks, and libraries while ensuring comprehensive test coverage.

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Services We Provided

  • Technology Lead

Our team lead does tech consultancy and plans the application architecture. We suggested a tech stack and cloud infrastructure that suit the application and do research analysis for third-party integrations.

  • Development Support

We are committed to provide comprehensive development support. As the application grows in scale, our team of experienced developers offers expertise in both frontend and backend development.

  • Project Management

To streamline processes and ensure timely delivery in alignment with client requirements, we extended project management support. This facilitates effective coordination within our team and with the client, maintaining efficiency throughout the development lifecycle.

App Modules

Admin Dashboard

1. Create and Manage Gallery

2. Manage Business Report

3. Product Management

4. Shipping Services

5. Shipping Management

6. Taxation Service

7. Payment Methods Management

8. Pricing and Promotions Engines.


1. Easy Registration

2. Seamless Checkout

3. Order History Tracking

4. Search and Filter Management

5. Product Information Management


1. Syncing of Listing with Axel Market of Listings

2. Syncing of eBay Policies

3. Management of Listings

4. Syncing of Orders with Axel Market

70+ More Features

Advanced Features & Integration

1. eBay Integration

Our eBay integration revolutionizes e-commerce operations by seamlessly automating order processing and listing management. With real-time synchronization and shipping coordination, businesses can efficiently manage their eBay sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

2. UPC Scanner Integration

Our UPC(Universal Product Code) scanner integration empowers businesses with advanced inventory management capabilities. By enabling real-time tracking and recording of product information, companies can eliminate manual errors and streamline their inventory processes, improving efficiency and accuracy.

3. Take Photo Feature

Our innovative "Take Photo from Camera" feature transforms the user experience by allowing seamless product image capture directly within the application. With this convenient feature, users can effortlessly showcase their products, attracting more customers and driving sales.

4. Local Pickup

With our Local Pickup shipping capability, businesses can offer customers added flexibility by allowing them to collect their purchases from nearby physical locations. This convenient alternative to traditional shipping provides customers with greater control over their delivery options and enhances their overall shopping experience.

5. Multi-tenancy Integration

Our robust multi-tenancy framework empowers businesses with a scalable and customizable platform for managing multiple entities. With dedicated storefronts, product catalogs, and operational settings for each tenant, businesses can efficiently serve diverse customer bases while maintaining data integrity and privacy.

Our Process & Approach

  • Daily Scrum

We conduct daily scrum meetings within our team to provide updates on current plans and address any roadblocks encountered.

  • Daily Reporting

Regular communication with the client ensures they are informed of progress and any issues that may arise, allowing for timely resolution.

  • Ad-hoc Client Collaboration

We readily engage in calls with the project owner, offering insights into ongoing tasks, upcoming features, and project goals. These spontaneous discussions ensure continuous alignment and lead to effective collaboration.

  • Approach Creation

We develop robust and scalable approaches for new features or issues, prioritizing expectations, best practices, and user experience. Thorough research guides our solutions.

  • Communication

Active communication is vital, and we utilize platforms like Rocket and Skype to manage projects and facilitate discussions with clients.

Tech Stack


Project Status

Bluebash continues to focus on improving this application while it is currently in use. We continue to work on the application to provide the desired outcome to the client and the students.

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