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The Digital Gaming League platform is creating virtual teams despite the geographical location barriers between them and organising knockout rounds between them is what we've facilitated in DGL. Matches are organised between all teams based on the type of elimination being followed throughout the tournament.

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The Client Brief

Introduce an online platform to conduct virtual gaming leagues for game lovers to play online and win crowns. The Digital Gaming League will be a competitive eSports league to support eSports in Indie game communities. The admin should be able to plan the match schedule, invite teams and individuals to play online. The gaming league would be an exciting journey for players and there would be eliminated and winning awards.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge is to get our eSports to platform off the ground. The website was a very long project spanning over several months of full-time development. The most critical concern was to ensure high-end performance during peak hours of server load. The research team was intensifying to figure out pain points and address each one due time. Also, we were responsible to ensure that code and application don't break when we scale the product or customer base. To meet customer expectations. The goal was to minimize the gap between players and virtual gaming features. The journey was truly amazing and our team had a great experience.


The Solution

We have built a powerful yet simple interface for The DGL administrator to accomplish day to day tasks. Our QA and Testing team ensured high-end bug-free application through repetitive rounds of testing & bug tracking. Our development team worked relentlessly to develop a highly advanced, backed to handle large chunks of date processing. The outcome becomes outstanding after turning many satisfactory milestones.

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The DGL Product Owner Feedback

Hey! Don’t take our words for it. Take theirs.


Working with Bluebash the past 1.5 years has been an extremely positive experience. We initially talked to Suresh but then started working primarily with Anuj. Both individuals were pleasant to talk to and deal with.

Mr. Brandon Nichols


There’s a bit of magic in everything you experience with us.




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