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Move from Legacy to Modernised Healthcare System

With over 11 years of software development expertise across various industries, Bluebash provides comprehensive Healthcare Software Modernization Services. We help clients to develop, upgrade, and future-proof their software solutions.

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We Offer The Best Healthcare Legacy System Modernization Services

Upgrade your healthcare system to meet the demands of the digital age with our modernized healthcare software solution. Bluebash specializes in transforming outdated systems into efficient ones. With our expertise and innovative solutions, you can enhance patient care, optimize workflows, and stay ahead of the competition.

Challenges Faced by Organizations When Utilizing Legacy Systems

outdated tech stack

Outdated Tech Stack

Using outdated technology setups can be limiting in the fast-growing digital healthcare world. Potential issues include security concerns, high maintenance costs, and meeting business requirements.

outdated user interface

Outdated User Interface  

Legacy healthcare software lacks user interfaces, modern design, and functionality, which hinders the overall user experience and operational effectiveness within healthcare settings.

security concerns

Security Concerns

As technologies are growing, security is a main concern for end users. Older systems lack security. It is tough to maintain security patches in old systems.

patient engagement

Patient Engagement

Many older healthcare systems do not allow patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey. These systems are typically desktop applications that lack a good user interface. They are also unable to provide advanced features such as telehealth, SMS, calling, feedback forms, and other interactive tools.

data silos

Data Silos

This is common in all traditional healthcare systems; data silos provide a hurdle to achieving a complete patient care strategy.

hard to upgrade

Hard to Upgrade

Healthcare legacy system upgrades are challenging. Even though these systems are essential for daily operations, they frequently have several problems that make upgrading a complex and delicate procedure.

scalability issues

Scalability Issues

Scalability issues occur when a website struggles to efficiently handle increased traffic or workload. This can lead to slow loading times or crashes and hinder user experience and growth potential.

compilance issues

Compliance Issues

Compliance issues arise when a website fails to meet legal or regulatory requirements, risking penalties, loss of trust, and reputational damage. Ensuring compliance is crucial for business sustainability and credibility.

high maintenance cost

High Maintenance Cost

High maintenance costs occur when a website requires frequent updates, corrections, or upgrades, which incur significant expenses. High software maintenance costs can be an overburden for healthcare businesses.

poor performance

Poor Performance

Poor performance indicates slow website loading, unresponsive pages, or frequent errors, which can cause user frustration and potentially lead to decreased traffic, engagement, and revenue.

How Bluebash Deals With Legacy Healthcare System

We can transform healthcare legacy systems into efficient, innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare environments. Some of the solutions we provide include.



Analyzing the current outdated healthcare systems involves examining various healthcare industry aspects that are no longer efficient, effective, or suitable for modern healthcare needs.


Fix Current issues so current user doesn't suffer

To prioritize and resolve current issues to minimize disruptions for users in healthcare software. Organizations can retain current customers while strategizing for new software.


Plan to modernise

After fixing current issues, we plan to modernize the legacy system, which involves integrating updated technologies to improve efficiency. This will ensure smoother operations and adapt the latest software for healthcare.


Choose tech stack as per business requirement

Our healthcare team prioritize a scalable tech stack to handle increased workloads and user interactions without sacrificing performance. This ensures that healthcare software remains responsive and performs optimally even during peak usage periods, enhancing the user experience.


Develop with prebuilt solutions

By choosing the right prebuilt solution, we quickly implement a reliable, scalable, and feature-rich software strategy to meet specific needs like appointment reminders and secure messaging with doctors and others. Our 100+ prebuilt modules/features can reduce overall development costs and time.


Change as per bussines need

We offer adaptable healthcare software that accommodates future needs, such as appointment self-scheduling and online portals for patient health information management. We build software that is tailored to your business needs.


Ensure Product should be scalable

We design scalable software to meet the growing patient base and data storage needs and ensure that the system can accommodate increased demand and volume of patient data over time.


Ensure product is compliant as per govt norms

Ensuring that healthcare software products comply with government norms and regulations to safeguard patient data privacy, maintain data security, and uphold legal and ethical standards. We have expertise in healthcare software compliances like HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, HL7, FHIR.


Data Migration

We execute a comprehensive data migration plan prioritizing security and accessibility, ensuring minimal disruption to operations during the transition.



Testing involves a comprehensive assessment of a software to verify that its functionality, reliability, and overall quality align with predetermined standards and requirements in terms of functionality.



Following successful testing, the launch of software typically involves a series of planned steps to ensure a smooth and successful rollout to users.


Continuous support

Our software support team is dedicated to providing regular support and assisting you at every stage of your business.

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Featured Case Studies

Trusted by many entrepreneurs around the globe.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy system modernization involves transforming outdated systems in order to reduce complexity and costs, increase data consistency, facilitate across-platform collaboration, and improve process flexibility.

Before proceeding with any changes or updates to your legacy systems, it's important to consider several key factors to ensure a smooth transition and minimize risks. First, you need to find a software development company with an efficient team and understand the complexity of your current systems, including their architecture, codebase, and dependencies.

By modernizing your healthcare legacy software, you can enhance patient care delivery, manage administrative tasks, improve data security and privacy measures, and achieve greater scalability to accommodate future growth.

Bluebash offers specialized expertise in transforming outdated healthcare systems into efficient ones according to the needs of client. Our team utilizes innovative solutions and pre-built healthcare software to accelerate the modernization process.

Legacy software needs to be updated to improve efficiency, scalability, and security. Outdated systems create obstacles for integrating new technologies, raise maintenance costs, and pose cybersecurity risks. Modernizing software enables better integration and enhances protection against cyber threats, which helps organizations stay competitive and innovate effectively.

Upgrading legacy systems in hospitals can be tough because: 1. Compatibility problems: Old systems might not work with new technology or software. 2. Data moving: Shifting patient information from old to new systems can be hard without losing data. 3. Staff training: Workers might need to learn how to use the new technology. 4. Workflow disruptions: Changing to new systems can mess up how things are done in the hospital, causing issues with patient care.