iTrust EHR

iTrust EHR is the one-stop solution for optometry, offering a comprehensive healthcare and practice management system that is secure, customizable, and scalable. This cloud practice management software helps to transform the manual hectic day-to-day work of optometrists into a hassle-free digital experience. It's a Saas-based EHR software that automates patient handling for small, medium, and enterprise organizations.


Project Overview

The iTRUST EHR software system is used by opticians worldwide and offers four primary applications


Owner Suite: It is used by iTRUST Administrative to manage all the iTrust clients. It helps manage demo requests, organizations, stores, subscriptions, staff members, integration settings, activity logs, analytics, dashboards, etc.


Organisation Suite: This app is used by various optometrists, organizations, and stores to facilitate patient consultations and appointment bookings. It offers custom-built exam templates in the cloud EHR, streamlining patient exams and prescriptions. Additionally, it enables two-way communication with patients, automated appointment reminders, and online payments and eliminates manual billing processes while providing valuable insurance payer insights. AI-based EHR eliminates manual billing processes and provides valuable insights into insurance payer trends.


Support App: This essential tool serves as a ticket management system. It simplifies issue resolution by providing a user-friendly interface for creating tickets. With features like screen recording capabilities, doctors can efficiently communicate their concerns, feedback, and bug reports to the iTrust support team. Our iTrust support team manages tickets efficiently, guaranteeing prompt resolution of queries and issues.


PDF Generator: To ensure everything runs smoothly, we've improved our ability to generate PDFs using a separate app. This app seamlessly integrates with our central system via API. This makes it easy for clinics to create better reports and helps ensure a smooth patient journey.

A Glance


iTRUST is best solution for healthcare. It brings together doctors and technological solutions to create an exceptional, hassle-free experience for the patient. The product version 1.0 became the customer’s first choice in the past few years.
The challenge for us was to figure out pain points and scale the product to meet customer expectations. These included reducing appointment times from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, ensuring scalability to cater to global demand, and implementing a Single Page Application for an improved user experience. The goal is to minimize the gap between customer expectations and product features.
The doctors wanted various features to ensure seamless customer experience hence we worked on all the suggestions to give full customer support. The app became slow due to large organizations filling their data in the system and it was a pain for doctors to generate or download reports.




Hence, overcoming our challenges, we launched iTRUST version 2.0, meeting more customer expectations. With optometry healthcare solutions in mind, it offers 17+ modules and hundreds of features to manage day-to-day clinic practices efficiently. Patient data is securely stored in the cloud database, ensuring patient engagement solutions adhere to HIPAA compliance and data privacy regulations. Our UI/UX team crafted an intuitive experience and microservices architecture, designing a scalable system for seamless integration in both large and small clinics.

Additionally, we introduced a new support system enabling customers to raise queries directly to iTRUST admin. As part of enhancing user experience, we integrated features like VOIP for calling, iTRUST Pay for bank transfers, and physical device integration import reports directly form machines like Topcon, Framedata, Marco etc. Furthermore, we upgraded servers, databases, and packages to enhance app stability, security and speed.

Services We Provided

  • iTRUST Backend Development

At the core of every powerful software application is a robust backend. Our Backend Development service focuses on creating a foundation for seamless operations, advanced functionality, and effortless integration with third-party applications. With a cutting-edge API-based architecture, we prioritize developing a backend system that meets the current needs of iTRUST while anticipating future demands.

  • UI/UX Services

In today's evolving digital landscape, having visually appealing and intuitive UI/UX solutions is very important. Our commitment is to create designs that captivate users visually and provide seamless interaction across all age groups. We prioritize intuitive navigation structures, reducing the learning curve for users. With our UI/UX services, users can seamlessly explore and interact with your application, ensuring a positive experience.

  • iTRUST Frontend Development

In the realm of digital experiences, the frontend of an application serves as the user's gateway to functionality. Our iTRUST Frontend Development Services prioritize crafting seamless and efficient user interfaces for front end application software. With a focus on one-page design, we aim to optimize user time and eliminate unnecessary page refreshes for a faster and more efficient user experience.

  • iTrust Portfolio and landing pages

In today's digital era, having a strong online presence is crucial. Our portfolio shows past projects, proving our credibility. Landing pages are designed to highlight specific offerings and encourage visitors to take action, ultimately leading to more customers. By ensuring SEO-friendly pages, we boost visibility and get more leads through effective online marketing strategies like paid ads.

  • Audit & Compliances

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance is essential when dealing with healthcare data. Our commitment to the security and compliance of iTRUST applications extends to ensuring full HIPAA compliance. This dedication is required in preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive healthcare data.

  • Cloud Operations for iTRUST

Our comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure Services ensure seamless management of the iTRUST cloud environment. We prioritize zero downtime and establish a reliable, scalable infrastructure for iTRUST applications. Our services encompass selecting the right cloud service provider, configuring servers, databases, and optimizing the architecture to meet iTRUST's

  • iTrust Customer Support

In today's dynamic digital landscape, exceptional customer support is crucial for success. Our Support System Development for iTRUST is designed to go beyond traditional customer service. We've crafted a comprehensive system that incorporates efficient Ticket Management System for seamless bug reporting and issue resolution, ensuring a smooth process for customer support.

App Modules

Organization Suite App

1.Organisation Settings

2. Store Settings

3. Manage Organization

4. Manage Store

5. Manage Staff

6. Doctor Dashboard

7. Patient Appointments

8. Patient Orders

9. Patient Exams

10. Payments

11. Tasks

12. Manage Campaign

13. Activity Logs

14. Reports

75+ More Features

Owner Suite App

1.Manage Demo Requests

2. Manage Organisation's Status

3. Manage User Guide

4. Manage Subscriptions

5. Manage Integrations

6. Settings

7. App Settings

8. Owner Dashboard

9. Activity Logs

10. Analytics

25+ More Features

Advanced Features & Integration

In our commitment to providing an unparalleled customer experience with iTRUST, we seamlessly integrated additional features to enrich the app's functionality. These add-ons go beyond basic app features, enhancing user satisfaction and streamlining interactions. Below are the detailed features we incorporated:

  • VOIP for Calling

We've integrated VOIP functionality into iTRUST to facilitate seamless and cost-effective voice communication systems. This feature enables users to make high-quality voice calls over the Internet, ensuring reliable communication through Telehealth solutions. Users can easily engage in voice calls directly within the iTRUST app, enhancing communication between users and improving accessibility.

  • iTRUST Pay

Our latest feature revolutionises payment processing, eliminating the need for manual financial transaction management. With iTrust Pay, payments are automatically processed, which streamlines the payment process. Furthermore, organizations can take advantage of advanced features like refund processing and others for a better experience. The tap-to-pay feature prioritizes security with encryption that safeguards users' payment information during transactions. The pay-by-link feature adds additional value to iTrust Pay.

  • Device Integration for Data Import

We've enhanced iTRUST with device integration capabilities, enabling seamless data transfer from devices directly into examination forms. This feature streamlines data collection processes, improving efficiency and accuracy in patient examinations. Our system supports integration with top brands like Topcon, Framedata, and Marco, covering over 45 devices across different versions.

  • Marketing Blast

Doctors can simplify their lives by effectively managing marketing campaigns and sending targeted messages based on various filters, such as specific age groups, health concerns, gender, etc. Our platform offers comprehensive features to boost sales and marketing efforts, including scheduled messaging, email campaigns, AI-generated content, and promotional message templates. Simplify your marketing workflows, maximise outreach, and increase sales.

  • Claim form Submissions

iTrust is different from other EHR Software. It simplifies the process of submitting claim forms by integrating with Trizetto. It is a specialized service for processing medical insurance claims. Users can choose to submit claims manually or automate the process within iTrust to ensure a convenient and accurate experience in managing insurance claims.

Our Process & Approach

  • Sprint Planning

Whenever a new feature/problem introduced or to discuss the previous sprint, we schedule a weekly call with the client. We prepared a sprint document to ensure the main points will be discussed on the call. In the case of a new feature, the first step is to gain a full understanding from the client, such as what the need and purpose of it are and what the result will be. Handling research on a PMO basis and then discussing the new feature requirements with the development team. The rest we do is discuss day-to-day issues and work on permanent solutions.

  • Creating an Approach

We take care of existing problems or create an approach for new features or the sprint that we planned with the client in sprint meetings. We always follow best practices to make the approach reliable, robust, and easy to scale and keep user experience in mind. Moreover, we present our approach to the client in an easy-to-understand manner so that the client is also aware of the work being done/about to be done on the said feature.

  • Daily Scrum

The internal scrum meetings discuss where we are in the sprint planning, any blockers we are facing, and the tasks that need to be done as a priority. Any queries or doubts the team presents are answered and resolved during this time.

  • Communication Channel

To monitor progress and ensure we are on the right track, we use Github for project management, Slack for client communication, and a support system to handle cloud infrastructure issues. We ensure the delivery of a satisfactory product increment in every sprint release.

  • Demo Meetings

Demo meetings with clients ensure we are on the right track for every new feature we work on. To present/update clients on what we have achieved so far, get their feedback or any blocker we’re facing, and how to improve them.

  • Daily/Monthly Reporting

Daily reports are sent internally to stay updated on the team's progress regarding what we have accomplished in a day. In end of the day, the project manager gathers updates from all team members and processes them into valuable information for the client. It includes everything that we completed in a day.

Tech Stack

amazon web service
amazon storage
amazon database

itrust clients

costco optical
walmart vision center
walgreens eyes
grandvision eyes
us vision
sams club
bj opticals

Project Status

The journey of iTRUST commenced in 2019 with a comprehensive vision to revolutionise digital solutions, specifically tailored for the healthcare sector. Successfully launched in 2020, iTRUST has evolved into a mature and feature-rich platform, offers valuable services to enterprise customers in the healthcare domain. With our ongoing commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. we are dedicated to working at the enterprise level to ensure the smooth progression of the project. Our focus on healthcare management system ensures that iTRUST remains at the forefront of innovation, meets the advance needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.

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