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iTrust Optometry Cloud EHR

iTrust helps to lower your stress & grow your business. Optometry cloud EHR and practice management system, iTrust is the most efficient, modern, and cost-effective cloud-based EHR and Practice Management software in the industry today.



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UI/UX Design, Web Development


Florida, United States


Web, Responsive

The Client Brief

Introduce cloud practice management software to transform manual hectic day to day work of optometrists into a hassle-free digital experience. Software for Electronic Health Record (EHR) processing capable to fully automate patient handling at small to large clinics. By OD’s for OD’s. Cloud software that adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and all necessary compliances.


The Challenge

iTrust is a one of a kind product. It brings together doctors and technological solutions to create an exceptional, hassle-free experience for the patient. The product version 1.0 became customer’s first choice in past few years. The challenge for us was to figure out pain points and scale product to meet customer expectations. The goal is defined to minimize the gab between customer expectation and product features. The journey was truly amazing and our team had a great experience.


The Solution

The iTrust application has 17+ modules, hundreds of useful features to manage the day-to-day clinic medical practices. The patient data is stored in the cloud database with high-end security. The app adheres to HIPAA compliance and data privacy and usage compliances. The application provides an intuitive experience to doctors, staff, and patients. Our experienced UI/UX team began with designing a scalable design system to help product scale without getting inconsistencies and reached to deliver a product to be used by large to small clinics.

Product Design

color-pattern itrust-font-family itrust-icon itrust-components itrust-tools itrust-visual-design

Product Development

01Technology Stack
postgress sql
square up
02Our Responsibilities
Front-end Development : We have developed front-end for Organization Suite and Owner Suite application in React JS ensuring fast and optimized data processing at the client-end.
Backend Development : Powerful and schema-based backend for quick data tracing and processing developed in Postgress SQL.
API Development : Fully API based development to create reusable APIs and advance technology implementation which helps in backend scalability.
Trizetto Integration : iTrust stands differently among other EHR software. Trizetto is useful to process insurance claims. Send an automated 1500 claim form to Trizetto using iTurst.
Stripe Payment Integration :Square Payment Integration : For patient payments to clinics, we have square in place. To help small to large organizations receive in-app payments and keep records.
Audit & Quality Assurance : Our QA team made relentless efforts to ensure a bug-free application. We’ve spent hours to test both applications with real data.
Web Hosting : To ensure data security and adherence of compliances we have chosen AWS for website hosting.

Organization Suite App

1. Organization Settings

2. Store Settings

3. Manage Organization

4. Manage Store

5. Manage Staff

6. Doctor Dashboard

7. Patient Appointments

8. Patient Orders

9. Patient Exams

10. Payments

11. Tasks

12. Manage Campaign

13. Activity Logs

14. Reports

Owner Suite App

1. Manage Demo Requests

2. Manage Organization

3. Manage Stores

4. Manage Staffs

5. Manage Integrations

6. Settings

7. App Settings

8. Owner Dashboard

9. Activity Logs

10. Analytics

Product Takeaway


iTrust Product Owner Feedback

Hey! Don’t take our words for it. Take theirs.


I have gone through many consulting firms and no-one has given by the attention and quality of work that Bluebash has supplied. Bluebash are masters of their trade with decades of experience and using all the latest technologies. Their goals are aligned for my project's success now and into the future. I'd HIGHLY recommend Bluebash to anyone that wants to develop a successful project!

Dr. Matthew Chrycy, OD

CEO, iTrust LLC, United States

There’s a bit of magic in everything you experience with us.




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