Dr. Alex Fazeli, MD, Ph.D. is a General Surgery Specialist in Irvine, CA, and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Stanford University in 2000. He is president at Physician Laboratories, Sebamed USA. Thus he makes a perfect brand with his own name which is Alex Md PhD antidotal skincare. This brand strengthens and stabilizes your skin’s most protective layer.

#Antidotal SkinCare

About AlexMdPhd

An evolutionary skincare product manufacturer, Alex Md PhD antidotal skincare has always strived to develop products providing efficacious skin-care solutions using scientific approaches. In addition to strengthening healthy skin barriers, their products are also tested on sensitive skin.

The Challenge

Alex Md PhD antidotal skincare brand used to sell their products on sebamed and was not able to differentiate itself so they wanted to make their own website in order to do their branding. They wanted this thing at the earliest hence, the professionalized team of Bluebash helped them to create their own website.


The Solution

We started by analyzing the needs of the client. Our suitable team of developers knows that the right tech stack is the key to a profitable e-commerce project. To get this e-commerce site up and running, we decided to use spree. Our goal was to demonstrate how Spree Commerce could be an effective and reliable solution for building online marketplaces in a short period of time. Thus we started with spree commerce and gave the fastest solution in just 23 days. All aspects of the project were handled by us, including design, coding, and launch. As a result, we built a successful website, and the client was very pleased with our work.

Now the product’s purchase is more friendly and easier to buy because Bluebash made it more accessible. Alex Md Ph.D. is an antidotal skincare brand product that helps to maintain a healthy pH of 5.5 on sensitive skin. Through an online application, they would like to achieve customer reach and they wanted significant growth in their customer base and ROI. We can get these products directly on their website along with Amazon, eBay and sebamed.

Technology stack




Language & Framework



Project Status

We successfully completed the project. Even though there are numerous users who sell one or more of one product on amazon and other websites, they can simply seek our help. Every user wants to create strong branding of their product and sell it directly to the customers