E-Commerce for Skincare

Alex MD PHD is a reputed brand that provides effective Skin care products with the effectiveness of modern science and the goodness of natural ingredients. Doctors develop these products with a unique background in medicine and research, not just dermatology; these skin care products go beyond the surface to tackle the root of skin issues.

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Project Overview

The website has a minimalistic design that helps customers focus on the most important elements, like features, functions, and benefits of the product, by simplifying the user interface. The website gives detailed information about the products, their benefits, the ingredients used, and how they can be used. The website is built on top of SpreeCommerce features and gives its customers a hassle-free experience while placing an order.

A Glance


The client is an experienced physician scientist with an MD and Ph.D. from Stanford and Harvard. They understand the skin problems that the 21st-century generation is facing and have the solution to solve this problem. The biggest challenge was creating a brand and launching products that could be easily reachable to customers. In today's competitive world, a solid online presence, customer engagement, faster app speed, and better user experience are crucial to a product's success, in addition to product quality.

There was one main thing the admin wanted: to sell their products on all marketplaces like Amazon and eBay while being able to control product pricing, stock, and more from a single admin section.

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After all the requirements discussion, we started creating the UI/UX designs of the complete website, developed the website, and optimized the website's performance to ensure fast loading times, which is crucial for retaining user interest and engagement and making website focusing on showcasing the products, mobile responsive, give it customers a flawless checkout experience.

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Services We Provided

  • Backend Development

Our team developed a robust backend infrastructure, handled data processing, and ensured all the server-side functionalities and other third-party integrations worked well.

  • Frontend Development

We provided the top-notch frontend solution, a responsive and interactive website that captivates users across devices and effectively showcases the product. We use Tailwind CSS to make the design more interactive.

  • UI/UX Design

We designed a visually appealing and intuitive user interface, ensuring seamless navigation and an engaging experience for customers to the website.

  • Cloud Maintenance

We provide our cloud maintenance services to ensure 24*7 uptime. We take care of server security and compliance. We set up a cloud infrastructure that scales up and down as per website traffic to optimize cloud costs.

  • Project Management

Using Trello, we efficiently organized tasks, track progress, estimation, sprint planning and facilitated collaboration to ensure timely task delivery and transparent communication throughout the project.

  • Agile Development Process

Following the agile methodology, we iteratively developed and refined features, responding flexibly to changing requirements and delivering value incrementally, ensuring alignment with requirements and priorities.

  • Ongoing Support

Beyond the initial development phase, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring your website remains secure, up-to-date, and optimized for performance while also addressing any emerging issues or enhancements.

App Modules

Admin User

1.Order Management

2.Product Management


4.Promotions Management

5.Subscription Management

6.User Management


8.QR Code

9.Store Configuration

10.Content Management of Pages

User Dashboard:

1.Account Settings

2.Orders History

3.Subscriptions Details

4.Refer a Friend Link Generator

5.Rewards & Loyalty Credits Overview

50+ More Features

Advanced Features

1. Product and Price Sync with Amazon

We have developed AI bots that sense real-time pricing and keep product prices competitively low compared to our competitors. There is zero human interaction, and these bots prepare daily reports sent to the admin. Admin can control stock, pricing and product description from a single admin.

2. One Page Checkout Implementation

With our one-page checkout, customers can swiftly complete their purchases without navigating through multiple pages, streamlining the process for quick and easy transactions.

3. Subscription Management

Our subscription feature allows customers to sign up for regular deliveries of their favorite products, ensuring convenience and saving time by automating the ordering process.

4. Mini Cart Implementation

The mini cart feature provides a convenient snapshot of selected items, enabling users to view and manage their cart contents easily without interrupting their browsing experience.

Our Process & Approach

  • Requirement Analysis And Approach Creation

When introducing a new feature or addressing a problem, it is important to fully understand the client's needs, goals, and expected outcomes. After analysis, we work on our approach to achieve the requirements.

  • Weekly Client Collaboration

We have weekly calls with the client to talk about progress, new tasks, upcoming features, or any problems we need to solve, so everyone knows what's happening.

  • Daily Scrum

Everyday, our team meets to share updates and work together on any challenges we're facing.

  • Communication Channel

We use Slack to stay in touch with the client, making it simple to manage projects and have conversations.

  • Daily Reporting

We keep our clients informed with regular updates on how things are going and quickly handle any issues that come up.

Tech Stack

rails cors
new relic
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Project Status

Bluebash handed over the end product to the client successfully. The client is working on the next stage of the product.



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