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It's based in Toronto, Canada, and it's a very useful dentists directory. It helps over 5,550+ dental clinics worldwide and offers premium subscriptions to 500+ clinics. It does more than just list clinics—it also helps manage their online reputation. Half of the people who visit these clinics find them through this directory. This directory is essential for people looking for dental care near their location. Let's explore more about how it works and why it matters.

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Project Overview

Bluebash developed a lead generation platform for dental clinics to enhance their online presence and attract potential patients. Using various digital marketing channels such as Lead Web Forms, Google AdWords, and Social Media Platforms. The project facilitates clinics in reaching out to a broader audience and generating leads effectively. Also, it's more than just lead generation; It has a custom EHR feature that helps clinics in their internal operations. The core functionality revolves around providing clinics with tools to track the sources of their leads, enabling them to optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.


Before this platform, many dental clinics struggled with identifying the most effective channels for lead generation. Limited insights into the performance of different marketing campaigns made it challenging for clinics to allocate resources efficiently and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Additionally, there was a lack of centralized analytics, making it difficult for clinics to assess the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

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The client addressed these challenges by offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies lead generation and provides actionable insights. Clinics can register on this platform and utilize its suite of tools to advertise their services across various digital platforms. It provides multiple pipelines to generate qualified leads by webforms, Google AdWords integration, and social media campaigns, organic search from google. The project ensures clinics have a robust presence online. Clinics will have their web page with an appointment booking feature.

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Services We Provided

  • Desktop Application Development

Desktop app provide all handy features in small screen. Call dialer and SMS chat is a cool feature. Its is a alternate of getWeave. Apart from Calling and SMS, Desktop application provide appointments dashbord. We build this application in Electron(Powered by Github) and supported by Mac and Window both.

  • Backend Development

Our job is to create new features for the website. We work on things like databases, making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes and connecting the website to other services. We have done multiple third-party integrations and support other dependent applications via APIs.

  • Manage Customer's Portfolio

It offers portfolio website packages to Dental clinics, and we manage their client portfolios. Initially, we managed in WordPress, but currently, we are building tools to auto-launch customer portfolios with AI. We are focusing on cost cutting and generating high ROI for customers.

  • Project Maintenance

We keep everything running smoothly. This means fixing problems in the website, making it faster, and ensuring it stays online without any issues. We also monitor things to catch any problems before they become big issues.

  • Manage Cloud Infrastructure

We handle all the technical stuff that keeps the website running smoothly in the cloud. We use services like Linode and some from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure everything works well. We proposed and set up cloud infrastructure that provides high ROI at low cost.

App Modules

  • Appointment Booking

We implemented a user-friendly appointment booking system, allowing patients to easily schedule appointments online. This feature enhances accessibility and convenience for patients while optimizing clinic scheduling processes.

  • Chat Widget

We've built a custom chat widget into our platform to enable real-time communication, making it easier for patients to connect with us. Whether they have questions, need assistance, or want to schedule appointments, this feature allows for instant interaction, enhancing the overall patient experience. We use web socket for live chat.

  • Subscriptions and Packages

We are considering incorporating Chase Paymentech and Stripe technology to create a secure and efficient clinic subscription system. We provide various packages such as SEO, calling, and paid advertising. For the convenience of our customers, we offer easy refund and subscription update options for administrators. This feature allows project supervisors to easily manage subscription plans, billing cycles, and clinic service offerings.

  • COVID Form for Patients

Implement a COVID-19 screening form for patients to complete before their appointments. This will ensure compliance with health and safety protocols. This feature will help clinics assess potential risks and take necessary precautions to protect patients and staff.

  • Marketing Automation

Utilize marketing automation tools to streamline advertising campaigns across Google AdWords, web forms, and AWR (Advanced Web Ranking). This feature automates lead generation, campaign optimization, and performance tracking, maximizing clinic's marketing ROI.

  • Telehealth

Basic Telehealth is already buit with Browser Calling using WebRTC. We're currently working on advancing our telehealth services. This means we're enabling patients to receive medical consultations, advice, and even treatment remotely. By leveraging technology, we aim to provide convenient and accessible healthcare solutions, ensuring that patients can receive the care they need from the comfort of their own homes.

70+ More Features

Advanced Features

lead tracking tool

Lead Tracking Tool

The project provides clinics with a tool to accurately monitor the sources of their leads. It allows clinics to identify which marketing channels drive the most traffic and adjust their strategies accordingly.

analytics dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

The platform offers an intuitive dashboard where clinics can access real-time analytics on their marketing performance. Metrics such as newsletter sign-ups, campaign performance, and Ads keywords are aggregated to provide actionable insights.

campaign dashboard

Campaign Management

The project assists clinics in creating and managing marketing campaigns across various platforms. From designing compelling ad creatives to optimizing keyword targeting, the project simplifies the process of running effective campaigns.

roi optimization

ROI Optimization

Armed with comprehensive analytics, clinics can make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing ROI. By reallocating resources to high-performing channels and refining targeting strategies, clinics can maximize their lead-generation efforts.


Since implementing the project, participating clinics have experienced significant improvements in their lead generation capabilities. By leveraging the platform's insights, clinics can allocate their marketing budgets more effectively, resulting in higher conversion rates and improved ROI.
The centralized analytics provided by project have empowered clinics to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in the digital landscape.

Our Process & Approach

  • Sprint Meetings:

We do a weekly call with the client to plan the sprint. We prepared a sprint document to ensure the main points will be discussed on the call. In the case of a new feature, the first step is to fully understand the client's need and purpose and what the result will be. Handling research on a PMO basis and then discussing the new feature requirements with the development team. The rest we do is discuss day-to-day issues and work on permanent solutions.

  • Daily Scrum:

The internal scrum meetings are to discuss where we are on the sprint planning, any blockers that we are facing, and the tasks which are needed to be done on priority. Any queries or doubts the team presents are answered and resolved during this time.

  • Communication channel:

To monitor progress and ensure we are on the right track, we use various tools for project management and client communication.

  • Demo meetings:

Demo meetings with clients ensure we are on the right track for every new feature we work on. To present/update clients on what we have achieved so far, get their feedback or any blockers we're facing, and how we can improve them.

  • Daily/Monthly Reporting:

Daily reports are sent internally to stay updated on the team's progress regarding what we have accomplished in a day. At the end of the day, the project manager gathers updates from all team members and processes them into valuable information for the client.

Tech Stack


Project Status

Bluebash is continually improving the application, adding new features and scaling it to an enterprise level while in use.

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