Bluebash Culture

Bluebash: The Winning Sports Team

Imagine our company as a championship sports team. We're not just players; we're athletes committed to victory. Like a basketball team, we dribble through obstacles, pass ideas like precision passes, and execute slam dunks of innovation. Our locker room buzzes with strategy sessions, game plans, and camaraderie. The coach (our leadership) motivates us, analyzes opponents (market trends), and calls timeouts when needed. We celebrate wins, learn from losses, and practice relentlessly. Our jerseys bear the company logo, and our scoreboard isn't points—it's customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and societal impact. We're not just in the game; we're in it to win it. Together, we'll rewrite the future of technology, one innovative play at a time. Our goal isn't just to participate – it's to win, and we're looking for all-star players to join our championship squad.

Seeking Excellence

To achieve success, we've established a unique employee culture. This document outlines our culture and how we can continually enhance teamwork to better serve our members.

What distinguishes Bluebash:

  • Empowering employees to make decisions.
  • Open, broad, and intentional information sharing.
  • Promoting candid and direct communication.
  • Retaining only the most effective team members.
  • Minimizing rules.

We value collaborating with skilled individuals in innovative and productive ways. This is why our core philosophy prioritizes people over process and focuses on assembling a dream team of exceptional talent. While growing businesses require some degree of process and structure, our people-centric approach allows us to remain flexible, creative, and successful.

At Bluebash, we value

A company's true values are reflected in the people it chooses to hire, reward, or part ways with. Here are the key behaviors and skills we prioritize. If these values resonate with you and align with the type of colleagues you wish to work alongside, you'll likely excel at Bluebash.

  • Judgment: Making wise decisions amidst ambiguity, informed by data and intuition.
  • Selflessness: Making wise decisions amidst ambiguity, informed by data and intuition.
  • Courage: Making tough decisions without undue delay and embracing informed risks.
  • Communication: Listening actively, responding thoughtfully, and adapting communication styles.
  • Inclusion: Working effectively with diverse backgrounds and fostering a welcoming environment.
  • Integrity: Demonstrating candor, transparency, and accountability in all interactions.
  • Passion: Caring deeply about Bluebash's success and inspiring excellence.
  • Innovation: Challenging assumptions, seeking simplicity, and embracing flexibility.
  • Curiosity: Constantly learning, seeking alternative perspectives, and understanding evolving member needs.

At Bluebash, we encourage open dialogue and constructive feedback, valuing honesty and continuous improvement. We understand that embracing diverse perspectives fuels creativity and innovation, which is essential for our continued success in entertaining the world. In conclusion, our pursuit of excellence defines us — driving our commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences to our members worldwide.

Easy to talk, Harder to live

Discussing valued behaviors is simple, but embodying them is more challenging. For example, courage involves questioning colleagues' actions when they contradict these values. We all strive to hold each other accountable to these standards, particularly among our leaders.

  • Honest, Productive Feedback

At Bluebash, positive and constructive feedback is a daily practice rather than a yearly event. It can be challenging to provide or receive meaningful feedback, but like any new habit, it becomes easier with time and experience. We support individuals in learning how to give and accept feedback through coaching and exemplifying the behaviors we wish to see throughout the company. It takes courage and humility to ask someone how you could improve or to share feedback with a colleague. Trust and positive intent are essential, which is why we focus on building strong professional relationships. This level of openness can be particularly tough for new hires, those from cultures less accustomed to direct feedback, and when there is a power imbalance. Nonetheless, it is crucial for our growth as individuals and as a company, which in turn drives our dream team.

  • Dream Team

A dream team consists of colleagues who excel in their roles and collaborate efficiently. Our concept of a great workplace isn't defined by exceptional perks, even though we offer many. Instead, it revolves around cultivating a dream team of skilled individuals who are motivated to achieve ambitious collective goals. We promote teamwork, transparency, and minimize politics within our dream team. We align ourselves more with a professional sports team than a family. While families are about unconditional love, a dream team focuses on pushing oneself to be the best teammate possible, showing dedication to the team, and understanding that team membership may not be permanent. Dream teams prioritize performance over seniority or tenure. Managers have the responsibility to ensure each team member excels in their role, works well with others, and is provided with opportunities for growth. Frequent communication between managers and team members is key to preventing surprises. We encourage employees to discuss their intentions with their manager by asking, "How hard would you work to change my mind if I were considering leaving?" Dream teams may not suit everyone. Some individuals prefer companies that emphasize stability and seniority, with less focus on performance management. Our approach is best suited for those who value excellence and the opportunities it offers.

  • Freedom and Responsibility

In some companies, people may overlook trash on the floor, leaving it for someone else to handle. In others, employees instinctively pick it up as they would at home. We strive to foster a culture where everyone takes responsibility for improving our environment. Picking up trash serves as a metaphor for addressing issues, big and small, rather than assuming "that's someone else's job." Instilling a sense of ownership naturally encourages this behavior.

Our aim is to inspire rather than micromanage our teams. We want our employees to prioritize what's best for Bluebash, which nurtures responsibility, accountability, and self-discipline that drives us to excel. The goal isn't just freedom but cultivating a strong sense of dedication to Bluebash so that people act in the company's best interest.

In some organizations, an excessive focus on process stifles freedom. While these organizations may not have started this way, they tightened their processes each time something went wrong. Initially, many companies have a balance of freedom and responsibility when they're small and everyone knows each other. As they expand, however, businesses can become more complex, leading to a decline in passion and talent. We strive to uphold employee excellence while keeping our business as simple as possible as we grow. We aim to cultivate a workforce of self-disciplined, accountable individuals who proactively resolve problems.

Over time, some employees have misused their freedom in unfortunate ways. Nevertheless, we avoid overreacting to these instances. Just because a few individuals abuse their freedom doesn't mean the majority of our employees are undeserving of trust.

Some processes aim to boost productivity rather than simply prevent errors. One effective process we follow is structured, scheduled meetings. We create agendas in advance, determining what requires real-time discussion versus what can be handled asynchronously. These meetings help us learn from one another and achieve more, focusing on progress rather than avoiding mistakes or approving tactical decisions.

  • Disagree Then Commit

When an employee has a differing opinion on a significant unresolved matter, they should express their perspective, preferably both in person and in writing. Open discussions help clarify various viewpoints, and succinctly outlining key issues allows individuals to consider the best course of action. This approach also promotes open and widespread sharing of opinions. The designated decision-maker should actively seek out, understand, and evaluate different perspectives, even if they disagree. Once a decision is made, everyone, including those who held opposing views, should fully support the outcome and work towards making it as successful as possible.

  • Context not Control

We aim to strengthen decision-making abilities throughout our organization. We take pride in the limited number of decisions made by our senior managers. However, this doesn't mean we practice hands-off management. Leaders serve as coaches, providing context, offering advice and feedback, and staying well-informed about their team's work. Instead of micromanaging minor decisions, leaders delve into the specifics of various projects.
We also find that fewer layers of management enhance our agility. Our "context not control" approach is most effective when leaders manage many direct reports, allowing each employee enough independence to excel. There are exceptions to our "context not control" approach. These include urgent situations where there is no time to provide and share context, new team members who haven't yet gained enough context to be confident, situations where the wrong person is temporarily in a decision-making role, and cases where a clear ethical or compliance violation must be addressed.

  • Ethical Expectations

In addition to being straightforward in our daily exchanges, we uphold honorable conduct even when unobserved.
andle a wealth of commercially sensitive information that we aim to keep private. We trust all employees to safeguard confidential company information, regardless of whether it's explicitly labeled as "confidential."

Seeking Excellence For Success

Our goal isn't just to maintain our current culture, but to continuously enhance it. Each new team member contributes to shaping and evolving our culture, enabling us to discover new and better ways to achieve our goals together. Our learning curve is accelerating as we bring in more committed individuals with a variety of perspectives, all working collaboratively as a high-performing team.


Bluebash operates like a championship sports team, emphasizing innovation, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence through a people-first approach that encourages decision-making, open communication, and continuous improvement.