uCV launched on May 1st, 2020, aligning with International Workers' Day, uCV shows dedication to empowering individuals in the job market. Users have the option to create, download, or share their CVs in PDF format or through a link. The platform accommodates both job providers and seekers, allowing providers to post job listings and seekers to search for opportunities using keywords, making it even more attractive.
The primary goal of uCV is to ensure accessibility and reliability for job seekers of all backgrounds, not just white-collar professionals. Additionally, uCV aims to standardize the recruitment process and CV standards worldwide.

Project Overview

uCV is a unique platform designed to streamline the job-seeking and recruitment process. It's about three main aspects:


Super Admin Dashboard: This central hub allows Super Admins to oversee the platform's operations and take necessary actions. Super Admins can access and manage users, organizations, and job postings. They can also review messages, handle flagged job postings and CVs, and maintain details such as skills and industries.


Admin/Manager Dashboard: This dashboard caters to organizations and institutes seeking to recruit candidates or collaborate with other organizations. Users can create and manage their organizations, control user access, review job applications and candidates, and access analytics for applied CVs. Recent features include running ad campaigns for job postings. It is beneficial for companies seeking to hire and universities aiming to inform recruiters about the availability of candidates. Through ad campaigns, they can promote themselves effectively.


Candidate Dashboard: This interface enables candidates and job-seekers to interact with the platform. Candidates can manage their profiles and CVs, browse job postings, respond to postings (such as accepting, flagging, or sharing), and connect with other users and organizations to expand their network.

A Glance


The main goal in creating uCV was to upgrade current recruitment systems and CV standards. The product owner, in collaboration with Bluebash, identified several prevalent issues in the current job search and recruitment procedures:


Bias Toward White-Collared Jobs: Existing digital platforms focus primarily on white-collar professions, neglecting other sectors such as hospitality or skilled trades like plumbing. It creates a gap in catering to various job seekers and recruiters.


Lack of CV Standardization: The inconsistency in CV formats and content is another significant issue. Many individuals create their CVs with varying levels of organization and missing information. Establishing standardized CVs could mitigate this challenge and enhance the effectiveness of job-seeking and recruitment processes.


Challenges in Directly Finding Candidates: Many platforms attempt to connect recruiters with job-seekers, but intermediaries like recruitment and HR firms often complicate the process, causing inconvenience for both parties.


Lack of Accuracy: Many job-seeking platforms suffer from outdated information, with CVs, job postings, and job seekers often appearing in searches despite being outdated due to infrequent updates.


Complex and Closed-off Networking System: Many of the platforms for job-seekers and job-postings lack the capability to create a network. Even with LinkedIn, where we can establish networks, they are quite complex and more biased towards white-collar professionals. For any other job-seekers, there was a lack of a platform where companies, universities, and job-seekers could establish a simple and effective network.

ucv challenge


Keeping the problems identified, uCV was conceived to address the identified challenges. It stands out by offering:


Direct Communication: uCV facilitates transparent and direct interaction between job seekers and recruiters without intermediary involvement. Job seekers can easily share their CVs with recruiters, who can proceed accordingly.


Inclusive to All Job-Seekers: Unlike existing platforms, uCV extends its services to all kinds of job seekers just like it does for white-collared jobs and professionals, recognizing and catering to this underserved workforce segment.


Simplified CV Creation: uCV enables users to create, access, and share their CVs effortlessly. By providing a standardized format applicable to all types of job seekers and recruiters, uCV strives to establish a universal CV standard. Moreover, users can upload a PDF of their CV, and our AI will convert it into the standardized version of the CV as it is on uCV.


Regular Updates to Data: To ensure that job postings and data about job seekers stay relevant as per the present requirement, we update our data regularly and ensure that for anyone searching for job postings or candidates, only updated and relevant data is provided.


User Network: uCV not only strives to be a platform for job-seekers and recruiters to fill up job posts but also provide it's users the opportunity to build a network with other users which is simple to build and understand and is exclusive to everyone on the platform. We know a great network can lead to better opportunities and outcomes and uCV strives to provide that to its users.

ucv solutions

Services we provided

  • Development Support

Since our initial engagement with the client, we have been committed to providing comprehensive development support, keeping best practices in mind. As the application grew in scale, our team of experienced developers offered expertise in both frontend and backend development. We use the Ruby On Rails framework for app development.

  • Tech Consultation

We develop the technical strategies for uCV to support and fulfill business objectives. We focus on product scalability and lead the technical delivery and strategy for uCV, ensuring that the product solutions adhere to the right standards and best practices, ensure technical excellence, and ensure that the solutions provided are scalable, resilient, versatile, and safe.

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

In addition to development services, we prioritized top-notch quality assurance to ensure that every feature underwent rigorous testing before deployment. Our testing process ensures a seamless user experience with 70% automation testing coverage and 30% manual testing, resulting in high product quality.

  • Managed Cloud

Our team in charge of cloud infrastructure manages the cloud for UCV. We conduct thorough analyses of application traffic and recommend the best platform for each product. We monitor and manage their cloud servers on render.com. For initial stages, SAAS solutions such as Heroku and Render are always the best options. UCV is currently growing, which is why we are planning to move to AWS cloud.

  • UI/UX

Another aspect of the application we have worked on is the platform's UI/UX. The main requirement here was to make the UI/UX more engaging and intuitive. Our UI/UX team follows the 7D product design theory, which includes Discover, Dream, Define, Design, Develop, Diagnose, and Deploy. We utilize Figma as a core tool in the UI/UX department.

  • Project Management

To streamline processes and ensure timely delivery in alignment with client requirements, we extended project management support. This facilitates effective coordination within our team and with the client, maintaining efficiency throughout the development lifecycle. Our PMO department serves as clients' single point of contact to ensure easy and smooth communication.


Super Admin Dashboard

1. User Management

2. Organization Management

3. Job Posting Managements

4. Skills Management

5. Messaging

6. Content Moderation

7. Ad Campaigns Management

Admin/Manager Dashboard

1. Organizations Management

2. Job Posting Management

3.Network Management

4. Job Application Management

5. Messaging

6. Ad Campaign Request

7. View CV Analytics

8. Organization Access Management

Candidate Dashboard

1. Manage Profile

2. Manage CV

3. Job Posting Searching

4. Network Management

5. Actions on Job Postings

50+ More Features

Advanced Features & Integration


CV Network with Neo4j One of our key objectives with uCV is to help in the expansion of networks for organizations and candidates, enabling them to access a broader range of job opportunities over time. With Neo4j (Graph database) advanced backend capabilities to establish database level connections, we can effortlessly create and expand these networks by allowing users to share their CVs, eliminating the need for traditional networking approaches as well as make our system efficient in managing data as it keeps on growing .


AI Parsing and Data Enrichment Leveraging machine learning concepts, we continuously enhance our database and search capabilities within uCV. Through AI parsing, we strengthen and refine the search functionality, providing recruiters and candidates with more accurate results. Additionally, CV parsing enables seamless language translations, further broadening the candidate pool and eliminating language barriers.


Pay-per-Use for Ad Campaigns To support our platform's growth, we're developing a pay-per-use model for ad campaigns. This feature will allow recruiters to promote themselves via ads, paying only for the actual usage, ensuring fairness and cost-effectiveness for all parties involved.


Map-based Search We have introduced a map-based search feature to enhance search efficiency. Using an intuitive and interactive map available for searching, users can now view the location of applicants and job postings, enabling them to refine their searches based on specific geographical preferences.


Online CV Users can create, share, and download their CVs in PDF format, as well as have their own online CVs hosted on a unique subdomain. This feature simplifies CV sharing by providing a URL for easy access and eliminates the need for users to maintain personal websites to showcase their achievements and credentials. So in a way, the job-seekers have a portfolio and a CV wrapped up in one place, allowing ease of access according to preference of the job-seekers, which they can change based on their needs.

Our Process & Approach

  • Daily Scrum

Our team holds conduct daily scrum meetings within our team to provide updates on current plans and address any roadblocks encountered.

  • Daily Reporting

Regular communication with the client ensures they are informed of progress and any issues that may arise, allowing for timely resolution.

  • Weekly Meetings

Weekly calls with the client cover progress updates, upcoming features, and issue resolution. Meeting minutes are recorded to track discussions and ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Approach Creation

We develop robust and scalable approaches alongside the product owner for new features or issues, prioritizing expectations, best practices, and user experience. Thorough research guides our solutions.

  • Communication

Active communication is vital, and we utilize platforms like Github, Slack, Zoho to coordinate projects and engage in conversations with clients.

  • Continuous Support

We provide 24/7 support, monitoring servers and aligning our efforts with the project owner's goals.

Tech Stack


Project Status

UCV is in a growing stage and we are continuously adding new features to meet user requirements. The Bluebash team is dedicatedly working with the client's vision.

project status

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