uCV Is A Platform Where Users Can Create Their CV With Their OWN Name In The Subdomain Which Makes It Unique. uCV Went Live On May 1st 2020 On The Occasion of International Workers Day.The Different With Other Platforms Is That On uCV You Actually OWN All Your Data. This Is Why uCV Is Also Yours.

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About uCV

uCV is the new standard for digital CVs. You will be guided to create yours, download its Pdf version or share it via a link. There are two types of users, one is job provider and other is job seeker.Job providers will post a job and job seekers can find a job, based on the keywords search. We are soon going to implement this feature and make it a business model.

Tech Stack

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The Challenge ucv_one

Job seeking starts with a Curriculum Vitae (or a Resume). The problem with CVs is they are outdated and are exploited by intermediaries. Both job seekers and companies are looking for the easiest way to find each other.

What's the simplest way?
Especially for unemployed job seekers, you might want to be found by your next employer without being exploited by the worst job agencies (although there are some good ones as well).

As a job seeker, you don't want your carefully crafted CVs dusting off in some drawer, and having to continually re-send it to the dozens of databases that you applied to whenever you update it (which causes companies and job agencies to struggle with out-of-date databases)

You want a database that is always up-to-date of all possible candidates from a company's perspective. There is a problem with CV databases because they become outdated after a month, no matter their size. Do not waste time contacting all your previously collected candidates to find out if they are still unavailable.


The Solution ucv_two

By providing the right solution, we were and we will be able to meet the client's expectations. The project management tool and communications tools are helping us to accomplish our goals.It cuts the middlemen out and contact directly the candidates you like.It also save time and money because you pay only if you need to contact several candidates for the same job at the same time. Contacting an individual candidate at a time is free.


Home Screen

UCV's map is dynamic. Using the zoom feature, we can zoom in on the particular CV to search it. Additionally, the map shows three colored clusters that indicate the location of the users.

1. Red Cluster

It contains a maximum number of users in that section.

2. Yellow Cluster

It contains less users as compared to red clusters.

3. Blue Clusters

It contains less users as compared to yellow cluster or a sole user .


Filter Screen

Mobile view filters are different from desktop view filters. By clicking on the search bar and entering a search term in the mobile view, a modal will open which has multiple filters. The user can select the desired filters and search for relevant CVs.


Sub Domain

Each user's CV is created with a unique subdomain which is username.cv.online. User can change their subdomain while editing their CV.



Ucv is using a passwordless feature for user authentication and login. When a user signs in to his CV, he will get a magic link on his email, and after confirming that link user will be allowed to access his CV.


Mark As A Flag

Each user's CV is created with a unique subdomain which is username.cv.online. User can change their subdomain while editing their CV.



UCV has two different types of language in which a CV can be made. One is Italian and the other is English. Users can choose their language while they sign up and can continue in a particular language. Users can also change their language once signed in if needed.


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