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Tunelark is revolutionizing the music education platform, making it easy, enjoyable, and effective for all. With its advanced platform, Tunelark connects students with skilled tutors, offering personalized music lessons regardless of location. More than just a marketplace, Tunelark represents the future of music education, improving the experience for everyone.


Project Overview

The core of our application is designed to facilitate smoother lesson conduct for both students and instructors. It consists four main modules:


Admin Dashboard- This serves as the central control panel for the application, enabling administrators to oversee all aspects, including instructors, students, lessons (or lesson series), and make necessary adjustments. From this dashboard, we can also handle the billing for the lessons(including adjustments), make custom changes for prices for lessons, handle payouts for instructors, and view the stats and logs for students, instructors, and even marketplace performance for the instructors. Additionally, functions such as managing Referral Links and analyzing Instructor marketplace performance are handled here.


Instructor Dashboard- Every instructor on Tunelark has access to their personalized dashboard, where they can manage lessons, define teaching schedules, enable/disable trial lessons, create and manage assignments, and share files with students if relevant. It serves as a comprehensive workspace for instructors to handle their tasks efficiently.


Student Dashboard- Students are provided with their own dashboard to manage lessons, lesson requests, payments, and book lessons with existing or new instructors based on the availability shown on the calendar. Aside from the regular lectures, we have also added interactive games that align with the learning process for the students so that they can learn as they play, making learning more fun. They can also manage managed accounts under them and reach out to the support team if needed, all from one centralized platform.


Instructor Marketplace Page- Also known as Teacher Marketplace, it is a key feature of our application as this page lists all available instructors in the marketplace. Visitors can utilize filters to narrow down their search based on specific requirements. Detailed instructor profiles are provided, allowing users to view information and book trial lessons directly from the page.

A Glance



In the beginning, Tunelark relied heavily on manual processes managed by Account Managers, which included tasks such as scheduling lessons, managing payments, and facilitating communication between students and instructors. Recognizing the inefficiencies in this approach, our primary goal was to automate these tasks.

Currently, as we continue to enhance the platform, we are committed to improving the experience for students, instructors, and the internal teams at Tunelark. This entails developing new features for the admin dashboard to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.



Recognizing the challenges posed by our manual operations, we embarked on a systematic approach to understand and automate each process incrementally. By adding features such as auto-payments, teacher listings, teaching windows feature, and Student Driven Scheduling(with proper calendar view to understand the availability of instructors better), we aimed to streamline operations and enhance the experience for students, instructors, and internal teams at Tunelark. Additionally, empowering instructors to manage their schedules further contributed to efficiency.
As we kept on building up the application, we added a good number of features that helped in enhancing the user experience for both the students and instructors, such as:

Referral Links

It was designed for affiliates, instructors, and customers to generate good sales through promotions.

Gift Cards

Bring joy to someone special in your life by gifting them the opportunity for personalized virtual music lessons with a skilled instructor. Purchasing a gift card is quick and straightforward, allowing you to easily share the experience with your loved ones.

Automated Lesson and Payment Reminders

To keep instructors and students on track about their upcoming lessons(single or as part of a lesson series) and provide a reminder to customers to make the payments for their upcoming lessons.

Automate Marketing Emails

Using Klaviyo integration, we also automated their marketing email flows.

Interactive Games for Learning

To make learning more fun and interactive as well as to keep the students more engaged, we added interactive games to the platform as well so that they can play and learn at the same time, making their learning a fun journey.

Google Calendar Integration

While we added calendar views to our application to make scheduling more manageable, we also provided the instructors and students with the capability to sync their personal Google Calendars so that they can stay on schedule and receive regular reminders about their lessons(considering the usage of Google Calendars is quite popular).

We prioritized maintaining up-to-date databases, services, frameworks, and libraries while ensuring comprehensive test coverage to maintain system efficiency and speed. Our focus on enabling students and instructors to manage their schedules swiftly and efficiently enhances their experience and accelerates the process overall.

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Services We Provided

Development Support

Since our initial engagement with the client, we have been committed to providing comprehensive development support. As the application grew in scale, our team of experienced developers offered expertise in both frontend and backend development.

Quality Assurance (QA)

In addition to development services, we prioritized top-notch quality assurance to ensure that every feature underwent rigorous testing before deployment. This meticulous testing process guarantees a seamless experience for both students and instructors.

Project Management

To streamline processes and ensure timely delivery in alignment with client requirements, we extended project management support. This facilitates effective coordination within our team and with the client, maintaining efficiency throughout the development lifecycle.

Managed Cloud

Apart from the services mentioned above, we also manage and monitor their cloud servers on Heroku. As traffic is growing, we are migrating from Heroku to AWS.

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Our Process & Approach:

  • Daily Scrum

We conduct daily scrum meetings within our team to provide updates on current plans and address any roadblocks encountered.

  • Daily Reporting

Regular communication with the client ensures they are informed of progress and any issues that may arise, allowing for timely resolution.

  • Weekly Meetings

Weekly calls with the client cover progress updates, upcoming features, and issue resolution. Meeting minutes are recorded to track discussions and ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Approach Creation

We develop robust and scalable approaches for new features or issues, prioritizing expectations, best practices, and user experience. Thorough research guides our solutions.

  • Communication

Active communication is vital, and we utilize platforms like Github, Slack, Google Meet, and Google Docs to manage projects and facilitate discussions with clients.

  • Continuous Support

We provide 24/7 support, monitoring servers and aligning our efforts with the project owner's goals.

App Modules

Admin Modules

1. Manage Lessons and Lesson Series

2. Create and Manage Users

3. Manage Payments

4. Create and Manage Leads

5. View Email Previews

6. Manage Referral Links

7. Manage Referrals

8. Manage Admin Users

9. Manage Lesson Requests

10. Create and Manage Gift Cards

11. Manage Instructor Profile

75+ More Features

Instructor Dashboard

1. Manage Lessons and Lesson Series

2. Manage Notifications

3. Connect with Google Calendar

4. Account Settings

5. Instructor Handbook

6. Manage Payouts

7. Manage Teaching Windows

8. Manage Curriculum

9. View Student Progress

10. Manage Assignments

11. Set up Goals

12. Share Files with Students

More Features

Student Dashboard

1. Manage Payments

2. Book a Lesson

3. Connect with Google Calendar

4. Handle Lessons for Accounts

5. Search for New Instructors

6. Reschedule/cancel Lesson

7. Manage Notifications

8. Ask Questions

9. Join Lesson

10. View and Access Assignments

85+ More Features

Advanced Features & Integration

  • Teaching Windows And Customer Driven Scheduling
  • Before Bluebash developed Tunelark, handling lesson requests required significant manual work from the Account Managers. They had to process each request for a student and then check with the instructor for any specific requests. With our new system, instructors can define their teaching schedules, which are then visible to customers in a calendar view. This transparency has made the process of scheduling lessons and lesson series more efficient for both students and instructors.

  • Auto Payment And Prepaid Lessons
  • Previously, Tunelark's payment process involved collecting payments after the lessons were conducted. However, this caused problems as many customers would only take lessons if they completed payments, which created additional work for Tunelark's account managers. To address this issue, Tunelark made lessons prepaid. Now, customers must pay for lessons before they are conducted and are only granted access to lessons once they have made the necessary payments. In addition, Tunelark offers customers the option to enable auto-payments for their lessons, which allows payments to be automatically processed using their saved card details. It simplified the payment process for both Tunelark and its customers.

  • Teacher Marketplace
  • To provide even more insight to the students and potential students about the instructors we have at Tunelark, we made a page with all the instructors' details and insights about them. The students can view these details, use the filters provided to narrow down and refine their search results, and even book trial lessons with the instructors if they want to experience learning with those instructors.

  • Lesson Series
  • Earlier, if a student wanted to schedule a sequence of lessons over a period of time, let's say weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. it was something that the Account Managers had to handle as a repetitive task. But now we have provided the students with the ability to schedule lesson series as well, which, in simpler terms, is a series of lessons scheduled for a set day and time over a certain period. In conjunction with auto-payments and customer-driven scheduling, customers are provided with a simple and efficient way to schedule multiple lessons with an instructor.

Tech Stack

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Project Status

Bluebash continues to focus on improving this application while it is currently in use. We continue to work on the application to provide the desired outcome to the client and the students.

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