Tunelark is an e-learning platform that provides its customers the opportunity to learn and to play instruments from proper instructors. Instructors can use this platform to schedule their lessons and manage them and Students can use the platform to get lessons scheduled as well as pay for those lessons from the platform itself. Students can set their preferences of the instruments, timings, duration, etc. and then they’ll be provided with instructors matching their preferences.

Our mission is to empower educators to make music education more fun, effective, and accessible. Our application Tunelark is the easiest way to hire an exceptional music teacher for yourself or your child. Lessons come with free access to our game-based online music curriculum. The application provides automated lesson scheduling, billing & reminders for students & teachers. The application charges commission to facilitate this for students & instructors.


Project Overview

The project is basically an e-learning platform for music instruments where the customers can set their preferences for the instruments, timings, lesson duration, etc. and then they will be provided with the potential instructors that match those said criteria. On the most basic level there are 4 types of users for the platform:

  1. Super Admin-

    Mostly used by devs and leads to manage backend.
  2. Account Managers-

    Managers who handle interactions and coordination between instructors and students
  3. Students-

    Those who avail the application for musical instrument lessons
  4. Instructors-

    The qualified professionals who provide the lessons for musical instruments. Could be private instructors or school instructors.



As per the initial challenge the client was looking for an experienced RoR development team they could rely on. The client already had some members on their team that were handling the development work for their application but were looking for more assistance for solving the blockers, providing guidance, providing technical approach on the scalability and on important pending features which are yet to be released on priority..

With time not only we started to work on the development aspect of the project but as the client also was in the need of project management services for the project, we took up that role as well.




We work on the existing features, fixing the behaviors, resolving issues and bugs encountered and improving the flow to give the best user experience.

Feature Planning:

This was not a part of our services for this project initially but then we ended up taking the leadership of the project and then we got into this as well. We plan important features, breakdown the feature to smaller modules for easy deliveries, and do feature releases based on Agile methodology so that everything looks and works fine without compromising the user experience.

Resolving issues and smaller tasks:

At times we encounter some issue or some task that is not a part of a major milestone but we still work on these separately so that the application keeps on working smoothly. This can contain a range of issues such as UI additions or fixes, associated components needing some changes, etc. For example, recently we were working on issues we solved regarding Google Calendar which is used to manage lesson schedules for instructors as well as students.

Stripe integration for payments and payouts:

Before we started on Tunelark, Braintree was used as the payment gateway and as such all the things apart from payments had to be handled manually. To make this process easier and more efficient we migrated from Braintree to Stripe in order to handle payments and payouts. This way, all the payments and payouts were handled automatically with the use of Stripe which made the work on this application a whole lot smoother.

Instructor 2.0:

Earlier most of the work regarding the management of lessons on instructor’s level, their lesson schedules, rescheduling and cancellations, etc. were all managed by the Account Managers. With Instructor 2.0, we changed the flow and lookout for the application in such a manner that

APIs for Marketing site:

For the application we made the transition to Wordpress for the marketing site as


This is one the more recent changes introduced to the application as earlier all the payments to be done were handled manually by the customers. Now although, we have introduced a way that barring the first lesson, the lesson payments from the customer can be done automatically given the fact their payment method information is saved during the payment of the first lesson. Also the lessons are paid for beforehand, i.e.. pre-paid due to which it is easy to determine the status of the payment(if a lesson was conducted and attended, its payments are already clear). This simplifies the payment process a lot.


Services We Provided

Services We Provided

  • Technology consultation & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Team of Ruby on Rails developers
  • DevOps

Our Process & Approach:

  • Feature/Problem discussion

Whenever a new feature/problem is introduced, the first step is to gain a whole understanding from the client on what is the need and purpose of it, and what will be the end result. All of that is documented in Feature documents for each feature separately.

  • Creating an Approach

In order to solve the problem or create an approach for new features, we always follow the best practices to make the approach reliable, robust and easy to scale and keeping user experience in mind. Moreover we do present our approach to the client in an easy to understand manner so that the client is also aware about the work that is being done/about to be done on the said feature.

  • Daily Scrum

The internal scrum meetings are to discuss where we are on the feature ,any blocker that we are facing and the tasks which are needed to be done on priority. Any queries or doubts presented by the team are answered and resolved during this time.

  • Communication channel

To monitor the progress and make sure we are on the right track, we use Github ticketing for project management, Slack for our communication with clients and Airtable to keep track of the priorities on a broader level. We make sure that we take care of all issues 24/7.

  • Demo meetings

Regular demo meetings with clients are conducted for every feature we work on to ensure that we are on the right track. To present/update clients on what we have achieved so far, get their feedback or any blocker we’re facing, how we can improve them and to discuss our next priorities. We prepare feature documents for individual features we have worked on and any points discussed there are added in those documents.

  • Daily/Weekly reporting

Daily reports are sent internally in order to stay updated on the progress of the team regarding what we have accomplished in a day. At the end of the day, the project manager gathers updates from all team members and processes them into valuable information for the client. It includes everything that is done in a day. Moreover we update the client weekly about the progress of the team throughout the week and what issues or blockers have been faced by the team during that period.

Tech Stack

tunelark_tech tunelark_tech_mob

Project Status

Project Status

Bluebash continues to focus on improving this application while the application is currently in use as well. We continue to work on the application to provide the desired outcome to the client and the customers.