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Experience exponential business growth and enhance customer relationships with our full-range web solutions at an affordable price.


We are a trusted web development company with over 11+ years of experience crafting responsive web solutions that reflect your business. Our team of skilled developers have expertise in creating customized themes and plugins to fulfill your unique requirements. We deliver end-to-end web development software solutions, from prototyping to design, development and post-launch support that uses the latest tech innovations


We offer web app development services of any complexity for startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises. Looking out for trends and the latest technologies, we monitor performance and work towards continuous improvement and optimization of web products.


Ruby on Rails (RoR)

We have the strongest Ruby on Rails development team globally, and we are contributors to open-source projects.

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Spree E-commerce Application Development

The Spree development professionals we work with deliver efficient, reliable, and maintainable code.

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React JS

We are React JS experts who develop efficient, reliable, robust, portable, and maintainable code.

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React Native

Providing reliable, robust, portable, efficient, reliable, and maintainable React Native code is what we do.

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Industries We Impact

Our experience along with the knowledge of industry-specific tech and security standards are what give us enough power to build software of any complexity.

Our Full Scale Web Development Services/Solutions Include

business analysis

Business analysis

Our team of business analysts is committed to understanding the needs of your target audience. They do this by performing requirements engineering and outlining the scope of the solution. In addition, they serve as a bridge between business stakeholders and IT teams to ensure that all parties are aligned and working towards the same goal.

ux ui design

UX and UI design

After thorough analysis, we translate insights into digital interfaces, ensuring alignment among teams and stakeholders. UI/UX is pivotal for product success, shaping user experiences and driving engagement.



Our team of solution architects is responsible for planning all functional components of a project and selecting the best technologies to ensure that the business logic can be fully implemented. They also ensure that all API connections are properly mapped both within the web solution and with external systems.

frontend developer

Front-end development

Our front-end developers utilize cutting-edge languages such as HTML, JavaScript, ReactJs and CSS to deliver a seamless web design and development experience. This ensures an innovative user interface that adds unparalleled value to your business.

backend developer

Back-end development

We offer a wide range of web and cloud-based applications across diverse domains. Our backend web development team ensures a secure and stable environment for your product, We use the latest technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Django and Node.js.

third part integration

Third Party Integrations

We specialize in seamless third-party integrations, spanning payment gateways, ERPs, and various third-party APIs. Our expertise ensures smooth interoperability and enhanced functionality for your systems.

testing and qa

Testing and QA

We boast a robust team skilled in both manual and automation testing, ensuring thorough quality assurance. Our expertise guarantees the delivery of flawless and reliable software products.

all time support

24*7 Support

We offer comprehensive L1, L2, and L3 support services, swiftly delivering hot-fixes within 24 hours to address any usage, technology, or code-related issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

continuous support

Continuous support and Maintenance

After product launch, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure sustained performance and reliability, addressing any evolving needs and maintaining optimal functionality over the long term

Our Approach to Web Development Success

There are various factors that contribute to project success and software quality. Our team will consider all of these factors and follow best practices to ensure to meet goals, maintain quality and stay within budget.



We meticulously define project parameters to align with objectives and expectations, ensuring clarity and focus throughout the development process, saving time and effort.


Cost estimation

We diligently monitor project finances, estimating costs accurately and managing resources efficiently to deliver cost-effective web solutions within the scheduled timeline.

quality management

Quality management

Prioritizing excellence, we adhere to best practices and rigorous testing protocols to deliver high-quality, reliable web solutions on time. We are ISO 9001-certified.



Foster open communication and collaboration, engaging stakeholders at every stage to ensure alignment and transparency, driving shared success within the designated timeframe.

security management

Security management

Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure the integrity of web applications, safeguarding against potential threats and vulnerabilities within the scheduled timeframe.

knowledge management

Knowledge management

Through detailed documentation and maintaining a project knowledge base, we ensure zero dependency, facilitating seamless continuity and empowering team members to work efficiently and autonomously.

Boost Your Development Services With Our Existing Solutions

Bluebash is recognized worldwide as a trusted provider of web development services. Our expert team assures the delivery of software solutions tailored to your business requirements. With our customized solutions, you can effectively expand your customer base.


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Ready to grow your web development project to new heights? Whether you need expertise in Ruby on Rails, React, Machine Learning, or industry-specific solutions, our dedicated team of web app developers is here to bring your ideas to life.

With a track record of success, we bring unmatched expertise and innovation to every web development project. From conception to deployment, we're committed to delivering results that fulfill your expectations.

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Types of Contracts We Offer

The diversity of your business objectives and requirements induces the multiplicity of contract models we suggest.

Time and Material

It is most effective for smaller and midsize businesses as they typically have complex and long-term projects. Test-and-maintenance projects, as well as those requiring maintenance and support, are suitable for T&M. To proceed with the Time and Material approach, first, we will estimate and agree on the scope of work. This allows us to better plan and manages our time.

Flexible requirements

Quality product



Discuss Your Requirements

Fixed Price

Fixed price models are beneficial if the client is clear about his project requirements and specifications before starting the project. The project scope and complexity are analyzed and a fixed budget and delivery time are provided for client approval following the client's request. You will receive a fixed price for your project and the finest result will be delivered on time.

Low risk


Finalized scope, pricing, and deadlines

Well planned milestones

Discuss Your Requirements

Dedicated Team Model

Clients and service providers mutually agree on project requirements and tasks for a certain time when working on a dedicated team. Based on the project requirements, clients hire a single developer or a team of developers. An exclusive development team will work exclusively on a specific project and the client can monitor the activities and process of the project.

Provides task focus and adaptability

Fast-Paced development cycle

Full client control

Easy management of project using the right tools

Discuss Your Requirements

Featured Case Studies

Trusted by many entrepreneurs around the globe.

Featured Case Studies

Trusted by many entrepreneurs around the globe.


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A product by doctor for doctor’s. Optometry cloud EHR & practice management software.

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Claire Austin

Quality, hand-picked collections of perennials & peonies from one of the country leading horticulturalists

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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of a web development project depends on how complex it is. Generally, it ranges from a few weeks to several months. Our team evaluates each project individually, tailoring timelines accurately. As your trusted web application development company, we ensure the right balance of speed and precision to bring your digital vision to life efficiently.

The cost of web development services depends on the project's scope and requirements. We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs. As experts in web dev services, we'll provide you with a detailed quote that perfectly fits your project. Let's make your web dreams a reality.

Bluebash is the best web development company as we bring cutting-edge technology to the forefront of web development projects. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we implement the latest advancements to elevate your digital presence. At Bluebash, we leverage for our clients encompass progressive web applications (PWAs), microservices, serverless architectures, augmented and virtual reality integration, as well as AI and machine learning. Our website design & development services are all about making your online presence futuristic.

Custom web development offers unique solutions tailored to your business, providing flexibility, scalability, and a competitive edge. It ensures your online presence reflects your brand identity and meets your users' expectations. The emphasis on security, distinctive branding, and performance ensures your site is not just a digital presence but a strategic asset for long-term success in a competitive market.

Absolutely, at Bluebash, we specialize in delivering distinctive online experiences through custom website design according to your unique brand and requirements. Unlike generic pre-built templates, our dedicated team crafts bespoke solutions. We understand the importance of standing out in the digital landscape, and that's why our approach to website design & development services creates a meaningful and impactful online presence that truly represents your identity.

Choosing Bluebash for custom website design and development offers a spectrum of benefits. Your users will love it because we make the website just right for them. We give your brand a special look, and as your business grows, so can your website without any trouble. We keep your digital stuff super safe, and our websites can change and grow with your business. At Bluebash, we're not just building websites; we're creating awesome digital experiences that help your business succeed in the long run.