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A spree eCommerce platform is an open-source eCommerce platform for Rails 6 with a mobile-first UX, numerous extensions, and an ecosystem of third-party integrations. Based on Spree Commerce, we create highly interactive and scalable ecommerce solutions.

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We are spree software experts, having years of experience in creating extensions for one of the fastest-growing open-source projects in the world. We have been contributing to Custom Spree Development For eCommerce.


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Spree On React Native

Spree platform is one of the most used back-ends when we talk about e-commerce platforms. We have developed a solution that provides a great user experience to e-commerce users on mobile. As most e-commerce users come from mobile, so keeping in mind we have developed Spree E-Commerce Development company you’ll ever work with.

Spree on React Native is an open-source cross-platform mobile app, providing a modern front end built upon React Native. Spree on React is backed by Spree Storefront v2 API. The purpose of this repository is to continue to evolve spree, making it faster and easier to use. This can be used easily as this application provides simple work-flow and the other features are listed below:

Top features we developed

Infinite Scroll Feature

Listing based on categories

Sorting High to Low & vice versa

Filter based on Size & Price Range

Selection based on Size & Color

Save for Later feature

Add to Bag feature

Remove Product

One-page Checkout

Increment/ Decrement Product Quantity

Our Powerful Spree Gem & Extensions


Spree Buy X Get Y Free

This spree extension enables you to get special discounts like Buy X Get Y free. By using this, administrators can create customised promotions and configure the product quantity as needed.


Spree Notes

This extension helps to add useful notes to orders, products, users, or any other spree table. The admin panel allows you to configure note settings.


Spree Shop - React Native

The spree on react native extension is an open source platform mobile app backed by Spree storefront V2 API, offering a modern front end more snappy than ever before in the e-commerce space.


Spree Everypay

One of the best Spree extensions that supports Everypay payments via Direct API integration. You can register everypay for a new payment gateway.


Spree Stripe Connect Onboarding

By using this extension, vendors can onboard their Stripe Connect accounts with Spree multi-vendor extension. A vendor can be onboarded with a specific account type. A vendor's default account type is "Standard."


Spree Analysis

The e-commerce industry grows rapidly, and so does the competition. Knowing your business's position in the market is essential to standing tall. Spree edge is compatible with the latest version of vinsol spree-admin-insights extension as it includes all of the store-specific reports available in spree-admin-insights.


Spree Import Products

The Spree extension allows the importation of products from an Excel file into any eCommerce application, regardless of the business they serve. This assembles the models together.


Spree Store Banner

The spree store banner extension adds informative and promotional banners to your storefront. These banners can easily be upgraded from the backend by developing background colors and adding hyperlinks and text to the textual content.


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Top E-commerce Brands We’ve Build And Maintained


Claire Austin

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6 Reason to Choose Bluebash For Spree Commerce Software Development Company in USA | UK | India


Store Development and Customization

Our Spree Commerce solutions can help you create an online store that brings your dream business to life and offers your customers a memorable digital experience.


Spree Commerce Theme Development

If you are searching for specific and flexible Spree Commerce Integration solutions that meet your brand needs, we are here for you. With us, you can get everything. Appoint our Spree Commerce developers for your Commerce development needs.


Scale Your Spree Commerce Store

You can rely on us to keep your store running smoothly even during high-traffic periods. We've successfully completed numerous projects by using spree software and given satisfactory results to our clients.


Spree Commerce Maintenance & Support

Maintaining and supporting your Spree commerce store at an affordable cost is our goal. Consider our Spree Commerce development best practices for better results.


Spree Commerce Multilingual Stores

Our proficiency in Ruby on Rails Spree Commerce helps us to create an integrated store that will attract more traffic to the website.


Migrate To Spree Commerce

Our spree commerce developers have extensive experience converting existing websites to Spree and building stores using ROR and open-source software.

What You Can Expect?

Integration And Customization of Spree Extensions

Setup an eCommerce store in Spree/Solidus & creates customize extensions

Spree Wishlist

Spree Related Product

Spree Volume Pricing

Spree Sales

Spree Recently Viewed

Spree Product Assembly

Spree Active Shipping

Spree Address Book

Spree Vouchers

Spree Static Content

Spree Reviews

Optimisation Services For Spree Stores

Improve page speed by doing in-app optimizations & server-side optimizations

Page Speed Optimization

Integrate PageSpeed Nginx Module

Adds CDN To Your Store Integration

UI/UX Improvement

Build new designs and improve existing designs to gain customers confidence

Custom Designs

Redesign Checkout (Responsive)

Floating Mini Cart

Automation And Operational

Add backups, import & export etc services into your store to automate work and save human efforts

Automate Database Backup

Import and Export

Spree Checkout Improvements

One-page checkout and improve usability for better conversion.

Spree One Page Checkout

Spree Multi Page Checkout

Bug Fixes With Checkout

Store Credit Card and Populate On Checkout

Marketing Features For Stores

Features like a referral, loyalty, MLM, gift cards & coupons.

MLM (Multi Level Marketing Program)

Referral Program

Loyalty Program

Personalize Emails

Promotional Unit Management

Live Chat or Facebook Chat Bot

SEO Improvements

Optimize stores for better search engine performance & visibility


Automate Meta Tags, Page Titles, Canonical Tags

Generate Sitemap

WordPress Blog

Analytics And Tracking

Get in-depth insights into analytics & tracking using services like GTM etc.

Add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Marketing Tags

Spree Admin Insights

Spree With Google Services

Customized integration of spree with google services like google merchant, google adwords etc.

Google Merchant

Google Adwords

Google Optimize

Integration And Customization of Payment Services

Integration of a variety of payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, etc.

Spree PayPal Express

Stripe Integration

Quick Pay/Apple Pay Integration

Sense of Urgency For Spree Stores

Make sense of urgency among your customers for E-commerce stores.

Countdown Timer On Checkout

Product Recent Purchase History

Limited Stock

Estimated Delivery with Date and Time

Free Shipping Progress Bar

Customise Features For Spree Stores

Development for social, E-commerce, health care & custom applications.

Google Map Locator

Product Advisor (Questionnaire)

B2B Selling (WholeSale Feature)

Subscription and Product Subscription

Reorder Feature

Trail Product Feature

MWS Auto Pricing

ElasticSearch For Store Products

Spree With Multi Tenant

Use spree as SAAS and opt for different features as per store requirement. Optimal utilization of services and resources.


Customizing storefront

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spree Commerce is a robust and highly adaptable open-source eCommerce platform designed to serve as the foundation for creating tailored online stores. Its importance in the realm of eCommerce cannot be overstated. Spree Commerce empowers businesses and offers cutting-edge solutions. It crafts unique, brand-specific shopping experiences for their customers.

Bluebash is a recognized leader in Spree Commerce development, specializing in crafting custom solutions for eCommerce businesses. When we mention "Bluebash For Spree Commerce," we mean that our team is dedicated to leveraging the full potential of the Spree Commerce platform to create tailored, high-performance online stores for your business. Our custom Spree development services are designed to meet your specific eCommerce needs, ensuring that your online presence aligns perfectly with your brand and objectives. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, we can provide the custom Spree development expertise you need to succeed in the competitive world of eCommerce.

The cost of developing an eCommerce website using Spree Commerce can vary widely based on several factors such as the complexity of the site, the number of features, customizations, and design. For a basic Spree Commerce site, costs may start at around $10,000, while more extensive and customized projects can range from $20,000 to $100,000 or more.

Yes, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services after deployment. Our 8+ years experienced dedicated team is here to ensure your application runs smoothly, address any issues, and make updates or improvements as needed. We're committed to your long-term success.

Yes, Bluebash offers comprehensive design and customization services for your Spree Commerce store. Our team of experts can create custom themes, modify existing ones, and tailor the design to match your brand and user experience requirements.

Spree Commerce is an ideal e-commerce solution known for its flexibility, scalability, and user-friendly interface. With a rich feature set and an open-source advantage, it empowers businesses to customize and innovate while ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Choosing Spree Commerce means opting for a platform that grows with your business and prioritizes user satisfaction.

To embark on your Spree Commerce development journey, the initial step is to get in touch with Bluebash for a consultation. Bluebash is a seasoned expert in the field, and they can provide valuable guidance to help you determine the most suitable approach for your e-commerce requirements. Their experience and expertise are at your disposal, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions for your e-commerce project. Whether you're new to e-commerce or have prior experience, Bluebash is here to assist you in tailoring the best strategy for your specific needs. So, don't hesitate! Reach out to Bluebash today to start your Spree Commerce development journey on the right foot. They are your trusted partners in turning your e-commerce aspirations into reality.

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