what is virtual reality, In a simple definition, virtual reality creates an adaptive computerised environment which gives a feeling of being in a different environment however that doesn't exist in reality. people usually forget the real environment and fell into the illusion of that situation. Therefore the question arises, How does virtual reality work? Before deep-diving into how virtual reality works, you should be aware of the devices which are used in virtual reality experience. These are the devices "HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR (PSVR)" which we use for experiencing virtual reality.

How does virtual reality work?

As we mentioned there are various devices which we use in virtual reality. These devices can be availed from various websites and multiple brands are available too like Samsung, Oculus and many more. Now we have a headset with us, headset needs to be connected with another device for receiving inputs for showcase. The headset will be connected with an HDMI cable that is further connected with a smartphone, PC, or any other console. you can also attach other devices like and tracking or controller or any kind of voice input. your VR headset is ready to go!

Now wondering, what will happen next, How the internal system works. Again this depends upon what type of motion you are showing, it could be Eye tracking, head tracking and motion tracking. The amazing thing about Virtual reality is, It tricks your brain to feel like in a 3d environment. There could be one or two screens as well as auto-focus lenses (which create a simulated environment). You can also adjust these lenses accordingly eye movement. There are other features are also available like picture focusing and tilting two 2d images to make it 3d view for more immersive view.

Next comes into the picture is display or view, how immersive view do you want to provide. This thing will completely depend upon the which VR platform you guys are using. Every platform has different specifications. If we talk about HTC vive and oculus rift, both devices provide around 90hz displays. On the other hand, the PlayStation VR provides a 60hz display. This theory will work according to your frames per seconds also called FPS should be matched to your monitor's refresh rate. Therefore, it is suggested that device's like Vive and rift should maintain at least 90 FPS and PSVR should maintain 60 FPS.

Virtual reality vs Augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality both are entirely different concept. Augmented reality creates artificial objects in the real scenario through smartphones or smart glasses. whereas virtual reality creates a fully artificial environment and plays with the mind that one started believing that the world really exists however that is not the case. In VR we are using special devices for virtual reality experience however in AR we can use our smartphone or smart glasses for the look and feel.

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What are applications of Virtual Reality

Usage of virtual reality is almost in every sector such as education, Military, Healthcare, fashion, Sports, Business, Science, Construction, Programming languages, Entertainment, Heritage, Media, Telecommunications, Film and Engineering.

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