Hybrid, from the name we can easily judge this could be a combination or mixture of something. Yes, you are right. Same concepts applies to the Hybrid Cloud as well. In simple words, the Hybrid cloud is a combination of the private and public cloud. At-least one private and public cloud is required to make it Hybrid, However, we can also include more than one private and public cloud. This all configuration depends upon your requirements.

If we talk about what is private and public cloud? Here you go, a Private cloud is a form of cloud computing which is only used by a single organisation and these services are offered to the organisation on-premises.

Private cloud services are owned by the isolated companies. These services could be on intranet or internet. Such clouds are provided to the companies to fulfil their particular needs. On the other hand, Public cloud is based on opposite concept of private. In public cloud, services are provided by third party operators to anyone who wants to use their cloud services, can purchase. These services are offered on public internet to the users. In short, such cloud services are shared among the variety of users/companies.

Why we should choose Hybrid cloud services!! there are three main points that why we should consider hybrid cloud

  1. Hybrid cloud provides flexibility in deployment.
  2. This also minimal the operation cost.
  3. The most imperative thing is to improve security and compliance issue.

Another hybrid cloud also provides High availability and disaster recovery which is also a plus point.

To whom we should approach for cloud services; AWS, Google, Microsoft

AWS web services, Most of the customer want to utilise cloud services however they want rapid data transfer too and their applications are running on-premises or don’t want any kind of latency in their data. AWS provides a solution to such problems, it will connect your on-premises applications to their cloud storage. such service is available at minimal cost. Therefore limit the executive's trouble, and develop with your information. AWS hybrid storage, migrate your services with application so flawlessly and these applications use a standard set of protocols to provide consistent performance.

Microsoft Azure, second most popular cloud platform. Microsoft provides excellent services for hybrid cloud and satisfying their customers. organisations can opt these cloud services as well which is providing Active Directory security. Azure is allowing you to use a huge range of SaaS applications for instance office 365 and outlook. Microsoft has invested in open source platforms which is making azure deployment easier.

Google cloud services, this is relatively new in the market. They have launched one software names as “Anthos”, that can be installed in the existed hardware and no need to purchase again which automatically reduce the cost. Anthos provide some features like customers will be able to perform global configuration and manage policies either from their on-premises or cloud.

To summarise, hybrid cloud computing services are better to manage their applications and data either on-premises or cloud-based which doesn’t consume many efforts of any organisation and of-course easy to manage. Nobody has to pull their head to increase performance.