These days Augmented Reality is a flavour of the month, everyone discusses this and of-course people will do because of their interest. Augmented reality is covering a wider area where people can take assistance from this technology. In simple ways, if we discuss augmented reality it is an illusion for our eyes. It's augmenting the actual scene by overlaying some other visuals on the top of the background which looks like reality however that is an artificial environment.

Augmented reality is an innovation that takes a shot and creates a digital interface with some sound, video, illustrations and other sensors in the real world. AR can be seen with various styles and experience it. It actually picks an existing object and converts that into augmenting reality. You can find different variety of augmenting tools and devices in the market.

AR Devices and examples

If we discuss devices of augmenting reality then Mobile devices, AR glasses, AR contact lenses, Special AR devices, VRD (virtual retinal displays) can be found. There are multiple instances which we may have already seen like Pokemon game, special camera applications in mobile phones which works with augmented reality, these are a few examples there are many more.

How AR is different from VR(Virtual reality)

Unless you are an expert in this technology, either have a basic knowledge or maybe trying to grasp these know technologies. You might not be aware about the difference in AR and VR. Both are different technology although concept could be the same as artificial displays. As earlier described augmented reality make changes to the current object and create a different digital environment, however, VR basically converts whole reality into the complete different environment which really looks like the reality of an existing environment. In AR we use either smart glasses or our mobile devices although, In VR, we usually wear a headset that covers the entire view hence nothing will be visible to you from the current scene. You will be seeing whatever the headset will play.

Prediction of augmented reality

Talk of the town, however, what is the future of augmented reality in coming few years. After seeing various changes in the technology or other field, experts have concluded that AR is our future. If anybody want to invest in something then one should choose AR as an option because AR is going to cover a wide area. Did you know Facebook is investing in this technology as well as many other top-level companies too? All are developing an interest in augmented reality.

Why they should not be because AR is overtaking every industry such as automobile, medical care, education, military, navigation, maintenance and support, gaming, manufacture, real estate, business, travel and tourism, retail and marketing.

Thus, AR will be covering a huge market and we should be ready for a glimpse of surprises in future.