Why AWS cloud services are preferred

Why AWS cloud services are preferred

Did you know AWS (Amazon web services) is providing their services worldwide? Thus, everyone can keep this as an option, although, people are prioritising AWS services instead of choosing other competitors. There are a plethora of reasons for that, however, Principally what is AWS cloud services?

AWS cloud services is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. It provides various flexible solutions, cost convenient, scalable, and these services are included in three ways such as IAAS (Infrastructure as a service), PAAS (Platform as a service), SAAS( software as a service). Hence amazon has a wide range of cloud computing services.

These days each organisation is choosing Amazon cloud services instead of others, there could be many reasons, so let's discuss those.

  1. Location matters the most, AWS is covering almost every region. Currently, Amazon is covering 44 availability zones with 16 geographic regions worldwide but also planning to operate on 14 zones and 5 regions including China too. Therefore, amazon is covering almost every geographic location and giving first preference to the business owners. Such diverse location is the main feature of giving priority to their services.
  2. Another AWS is offering automated services, amazon is providing multiple backup options such as AMIs and EBS snapshots. The foremost feature is decentralized support, which allows to storage of the most critical information /resources in various geographic locations. It is automatically scheduling backups to other locations. In such a case, due to unwanted circumstances or any natural climate, your data won't be lost because backup data is secured.
  3. Secured, AWS is providing end-to-end support, including software, operational and physical.
  4. Cost efficiency, AWS cloud services pricing provides one feature called "Pay as you go" Which is quite convenient for everyone as per their requirements. Such a service naturally saves money from one's pocket. We think AWS services are most popular because of their flexible nature of services in this case, customers have the option to start and stop instances as per their need, and they will be paying for the services that were used. Eventually, customers can consume less money on the same.
  5. Scalable approach, AWS provides Auto scaling and an Elastic load balancing feature which is quite helpful for a user to scale their applications up and down according to the demand. As these are backed up by Amazon you can access these resources whenever you need them.
  6. Experienced, Amazon has been offering cloud services for the last 15+ years. AWS is providing huge scale foundation benefits all-inclusive. The equivalent is being proceeded with AWS with imaginative abilities of foundation the board.
  7. Performance, this feature is always imperative in every sector. performance is counted based on highly reliable tools and technology which is consolidated through AWS. So, amazon can provide effective services and most importantly on time. organizations do not require any specific department to handle such infrastructure, any department can easily avail and use the AWS services. Hence, they can improve their productivity and automatic performance too. Such a metric raises customer loyalty/satisfaction as well.
  8. Quicker Deployments, customers can opt for plans for the fast deployment because nobody wants to delay or have any kind of impact on their operations and services. So, companies prefer quicker operations should be done which consume less time and provide on-time deliverables to customers. AWS is using leading and cutting-edge technologies and other effective programming languages to provide effective services.
  9. Integration with existing infra, when applications are deployed on a cloud platform, you should have full control of network configuration and IP range so that you can easily establish connections in your existing networks. Amazon's virtual private cloud provides full control of the virtual network. AWS also provides the option of hybrid cloud computing where you can use different public and private cloud computing resources.
  10. Training and certifications, Amazon cloud services offer training and certification to guide their customer, so that no difficulty should be faced during operating the infrastructure. AWS services are providing role-based training courses so that they should have a wide range of material and knowledge of architecture,  deployment, and cloud-based solutions.

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