Ruby on Rails, the programming language used to create web applications. It is generally known as an open-source full-stack web application that uses the rails framework. It allows developers to build websites and web pages. Ruby on Rails works independently from the web-server. Some folks often get confused with Ruby on rails.

Ruby is a programming language that was invented 20 years ago and still, it is on the top list among other programming languages.
Rails is a framework or you can say software library which provides a platform to run coding language i.e. Ruby. In simple words, you can say Rails is a development tool and Ruby is a coding language. This collectively called ruby on rails, it means with the help of Ruby on rails one can develop web applications because of its popularity of abstraction and simplicity of doing repetitive tasks.

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‌Pros and Cons of Using Ruby on Rails

As we know every coin has two sides, Ruby on rails also has some pros and cons simultaneously. Let's discuss this in detail.

Pros of Ruby on Rails

Easy to Learn: Ruby on rails is not a complex language. It comes with clear and easy syntax. If you are a beginner with basic knowledge of OOPS or functional programming then Ruby on rails is not a big deal for you. You can easily grab tactics in Ruby on Rails too.

Faster Development: As compare to other programming languages, Ruby on rails is rapid in web development. Ruby on rails provides a faster response than other languages because it doesn't consume time on repetitive tasks. Moreover, It follows Agile methodology to deliver the work.

Library of Gems: Ruby on rails provides a collection of gems that also ease the task response. These gems are available on the website you can search any gem on this site as per the requirement of your project. Rubygems are packages that provide standard formatting of ruby programs and libraries.

Quality services: Code quality in the ruby on rails is higher than other programming languages because of multiple programming paradigms.

Time efficiency: Ruby on rails reduces our time to work on repetitive tasks which automatically saves time and increase and one can easily meet the deadlines as per the client's requirement.

Security available: Ruby on rails have one most imperative pros that its secure web application from SQL injection attacks but also Rails is capable to prevent from cross-site scripting attacks which we can often see in web applications developed in other languages.

Community with Ruby on rails Professionals: unlike other languages ruby on rails also providing community assistance, however, it has a strong connection list of experienced ruby on rails developers. These developers assist their fellow developers in any task according to their experience. Therefore, beginners can count major support from the community.

Best for startups: Due to various benefits, ruby on rails best fit for startup business who wants to build their digital presence. Ruby on rails very less time as compared to other technologies to build a web application.

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Cons of Ruby on Rails

Run-time speed: As compare to other programming languages, Run-time speed in Ruby on rails is slow although performance is unlikely to show different results as others. But also, performance difference is negligible which can't be seen with the naked eyes.

Slower Boot Speed: In Ruby on rails, everyone has faced slower boot speed as compare to other languages. Again, it will depend upon how heavier files and how many gems are being used in the application. It will slow the boot process.

Documentation: There are some gems which are not much popular, in those scenarios developers may face issue. Very less documentation is available regarding gems and libraries which are not much used.

ActiveRecord: When we developer starts building an application, they should choose the right architecture else it will cost to the developer in terms of wastage of time and low performance of an application. Therefore, inexperienced developers should take care of such things while building or designing a web application. Once the application is developed with the wrong architecture then it will hard to fix these things.

For examples, high dependency on ActiveRecord in application create a tightly coupled situation for developer because all the components are dependent on each other with database models. It will create further issues in the maintenance of such applications.

Conclusion, Ruby on Rails is the best technology for beginner and startups businesses. It is available with lots of quality than problems. Ruby on rails is still on high priority list among web developers because of its Pros because cons are neglected when it comes to the performance of an application.