7 reasons why startups should use Ruby on Rails

7 reasons why startups should use Ruby on Rails
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No wonder most of IT companies in India are providing technologies as SaaS. SaaS development companies has really boosted over the years , How many technologies are out there for web applications, however, Ruby on rails will remain the first choice of every web developer too. There are several reasons for giving priority. Moreover, If you are a startup in the business and looking for digital presence, in such scenarios you should consider Ruby on Rails for your web applications. For instance, currently, there are some famous businesses which were a startup and built their web applications in Ruby on rails like mentioned in below image

source: Google

These big brands have chosen ruby on rail for their web application during commencing their services in the market. Below ruby on rails trend graph is showing consistency of this technology.

source: BuiltWith

There are several reasons for choosing ruby on rails for building web applications, let's discuss in detail.

  1. Open source: As we know Ruby on Rails is a free resource so do not have to purchase any kind of license to use the framework. It is automatically saving your money on SDK purchases too. There are no drawbacks to this platform like other free resources. It has rich resources that can be used freely.
  2. Secured: when it comes to security, there is no breach as well. most of the time open resources are not much secured although this is not the case in Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails additionally implies following the Secure Development Life-cycle At last, the huge designer network consistently stays up with the latest and tests the security of Ruby modules and applications preceding to launch, which makes Ruby on Rails a for the most part safe environment.
  3. Flexible Budget: Being a startup you always carry a limited budget and when you are getting enough in this limited then of-course, everyone will give priority to that technology. As Rails is an open-source system appropriated under the MIT permit. This fundamentally implies working with Rails for all the licenses require no cost. Truth be told, Gems (Ruby's bundle supervisor) lets you add highlights without creating them from scratch. You can discover a lot of Gems for any reason on stages, for example, GitHub. Along these lines, startups can easily develop their web presence without any license cost.
  4. Scaleable Solution: Growth of the business depends upon how popular is your business. If you are into the new business then definitely entrepreneur will keep future plans with them such as if their business will grow then what will be the next step. Therefore, they have to work on their digital presence too. In those scenarios, Ruby on rails works best. Scalability is the possibility to increase your administration to deal with expanded burdens, which means more demands every moment. Getting bunches of guests is the thing that any web or a portable application makes progress toward. This is the reason you ought to get ready ahead of time and ensure that your site can adapt to all the new visitors you're planning to draw in.
  5. Large Community of Professional: There are numerous languages are there and in fact, communities are also there, although they don't have such strong support from the community as ruby on rails. It has developers who work collectively and assist their co-developer too. This community provides various jobs, recruiters, meetups, and conferences.
  6. Collection of Gems: Ruby on rails provide a huge collection of "Gems", gems is a set of instructions or software package that runs on ruby app or library. Gems are used to saves time and it also improves the performance of the application. It also speeds up the development process.
  7. Time Efficiency: When it comes to faster web development, Ruby on rails would be the best choice. whether it's a startup or an enterprise application. Both are handled through this technology and with time efficiency. If you have tight deadlines, ruby on rails will resolve your time-related issues and help you to get your web application within time.

In conclusion, Ruby on rails will be the best fit for startup businesses because of several reasons and can provide you the best results within a few times. In fact, with less cost too.