Most of the people use their smartphones for everything. That’s why every Industry is more concerned about mobile applications although people usually avoid the hassle of downloading multiple applications that occupy space in their phone. Therefore, they can’t keep each application on their phone. They usually like to scroll the website through their browser. What if companies are not bothering about the user’s experience on the web.  Here, I would like to highlight the biggest example of Myntra, They saw most of the people are converting through mobile phones means they are using mobile applications and buying the stuff. In results, they removed the web presence of their brand and shifted to application entirely. After a few months, the sales graph was declining. They were extremely worried about the drowning sales graph and did some analysis then they found that most of the traffic was coming through the web which people were browsing in their mobile phones instead of downloading the applications. They reconsider their idea of launching a website again to conquer the sales leads.

To overcome such problems in future, the Progressive web application concept comes into the picture. PWA solution provides look and feel of the web view same as normal applications which we download in our phones for better user experience. Therefore, the user should not suffer anymore by scrolling screen here and there to find the stuff they want. PWA is a perfect solution which look-alike an application comes up with the advanced concept while minimizing the development and maintenance cost.

3 Main reasons why a client should opt Progressive web applications

Progressive Web Applications come up with advanced potential such as

  • You can instantly access it from your home screen.
  • It’s compatible with the Geolocation standard.
  • Push notifications are also available.
  • The most amazing feature, it’s capable of delivering content offline.
  • PWA is Fast and responsive which is the most imperative requirement of each application.
  • PWA is stable and secure. Therefore, reliability is available too.
  • Friendly with Search engine optimization.
  • Across major platforms, PWA works amazingly.
  • Accessible via all modern browsers. Hence, browser compatibility issues are not there.
  • PWA Enables rapid adoption of tech advances.

PWA saves extra effort but also the cost of development and maintenance.
Progressive web applications contain only one base code to deliver a website and look-alike mobile experience among devices and various browsers which automatically saves extra programming efforts and cost as well.  

  • No approvals are required from iOS or Android app stores separately.
  • New features and bugs are fastly deployed.
  • Automatically, reduced maintenance effort due to a single base code.
  • Similarly, significant time and cost savings.

Expanding Marketability

Most eminent brands such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and other IT leading companies have embraced progressive web applications. One of the significant advantages of PWA is that it could be crept and recorded by the Search Engine stages like Google. This is the factor which eventually expands the perceivability of your image to the group of spectators. In both the terms of openness and find, it is extremely unlikely Progressive Web Apps can be vanquished. Being noticeable in the list items of Google essentially improves the chances of more guests to the business site, which will help in changing over the deals. This is the manner by which PWA is actually the best choice that the organizations incline toward considering for improving the perceivability of the brand to the clients.