How Can We Use LangChain For Data Analysis: A Detailed Perspective

How Can We Use LangChain For Data Analysis: A Detailed Perspective
LangChain For Data Analysis

These days, organizations rely strongly on data to make informed decisions. However, examining large amounts of data can be a very time-consuming process. That’s where automation comes into play. With the help of frameworks like LangChain application, you can automate your data analysis and save valuable time.

In this Blog, we’ll dig deep into how you can use LangChain to build your own agent and automate your data analysis. We’ll also show you a step-by-step guide to building a LangChain agent by using a built-in pandas agent.

An innovation has emerged in the form of LangChain Artificial Intelligence – a framework that can help to bridge the gap between language models and data analysis. This transformative technology lets developers utilise the capabilities of language models to perform complex data analysis, promising to change the way companies extract insights and make informed decisions.

Introduction to LangChain

LangChain application development opens up exciting possibilities for developers by enabling them to link language models with a wide range of data sources. This helps developers to perform data analysis using natural language queries, changing the way we approach this task. Unlike the conventional methods of data analysis that require coding and complex queries, LangChain has the power to simplify the process. LangChain integrates language models seamlessly into the analysis pipeline to minimize the learning curve.

The Two-fold Advantage
The LangChain framework provides a two-fold advantage that makes it better than conventional data analysis techniques:

  1. Connecting Language Models to Data:

LangChain enables language models to interact with data, which results in more authentic and powerful analysis. These models can not only generate responses but also take data-driven actions.

2.  Data Analysis in Natural Language

The framework allows developers to query their data using natural language. This makes the entire analysis process more insightful and user-friendly. It is possible to present complex queries in plain language. It eliminates the need for high-level coding expertise.

Langchain Development Solutions

The Pandas Data Frame Agent
Let’s explore the world of data analysis using the “pandas data fame agent” implemented to an E-commerce dataset. The main goal is to gain insights into the potential future of data analysis.  This agent acts as a wrapper around the GPT chat model to analyze and draw valuable information from data

Real-world Application: Exploring the Potential
In this particular case, we will see a practical demonstration of LangChain's potential. The agent is put to the test using various analytical tasks on an e-commerce dataset with customer orders.

Get started

  1. Install pandas langChain and drop the API key from OpenAI to the environment file.

2.  Load the API key and import pandas

3. Import OpenAI’s API and import pandas data frame agent and we are going to use it as a wrapper around GPT.

4. Now we will instantiate the agent and the agent will take the chat model as an input as well as the data frame.

Total Revenue Calculation:
The agent accurately calculates the total revenue generated from customer orders. This fundamental task demonstrates the agent's ability to easily process simple queries and provide results.

Average Order Value:

The agent computes the average order value, showcasing its prowess in handling more complex analytical tasks. This feature is invaluable for businesses seeking to gain insights into customer spending patterns.

Repeat Order Rate Analysis

Although initially encountering an issue, the agent correctly calculates the repeat order rate. This shows the iterative nature of working with LangChain, as developers can refine queries to obtain desired outcomes by giving different or better prompts.

RFM Segmentation:

Perhaps the most impressive feat, the agent performs RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) segmentation on the dataset. This advanced analysis exemplifies LangChain's potential to automate complex analytical processes that traditionally demand expert knowledge.

Benefits to Companies

The integration of LangChain into the data analysis workflow offers compelling benefits to companies across industries:

Efficiency Boost: LangChain significantly accelerates the data analysis process. Complex queries that would traditionally demand intricate coding can now be executed using natural language, slashing the time required for analysis.

Democratization of Analytics: Companies can now empower a broader spectrum of employees to engage in data analysis. Employees without extensive coding knowledge can pose questions to the agent, democratizing access to data insights.

Enhanced Decision-making: Companies can make well-informed decisions in real-time by quickly getting accurate insights. With custom AI language model capabilities powered by LangChain, you can identify trends, forecast sales, or optimize processes.

Innovation Acceleration: LangChain promotes innovation by freeing data scientists and analysts from repetitive tasks. This allows them to focus on higher-level strategies, explore cutting-edge discoveries, and engage in the development of new products.

Future Prospects: The LangChain framework is going to keep growing and changing in the future with some really good possibilities.

Collaborative Analysis: LangChain's feedback loop will facilitate collaboration between analysts and agents and they can work in a synchronized way for enhanced analysis and refined insights.

Web Integration: The framework's integration with web pages will permit agents to extract information from external sources. It further enriches the analysis process with up-to-date and relevant data.


LangChain Framework is taking data analysis to a thrilling new level. With the combination of language models and data analysis, it gives businesses a strong tool to study data in a better way. This leads to smarter decisions and improved plans. LangChain's technology can help businesses analyze data in a better way, making it easier, faster, and more effective. This was shown in the example of the Pandas Data Frame Agent. Choose Bluebash, a leading AI software development company. With a dedicated team of expert developers and engineers, Bluebash is committed to helping businesses unlock the full potential of AI and data analysis. We will be able to explore, understand, and leverage data in a whole new way thanks to this framework, which has an impact on each industry. By hiring a LangSmith developer, you can leverage this technology to explore, understand and utilize data that can benefit various industries.