What Is Langchain? How Does It Empower Your Organization With Your Data?

What Is Langchain? How Does It Empower Your Organization With Your Data?

In today’s world, applications require a high level of intelligence to understand human language effectively. This is where Langchain plays an important role. With it, you can create totally customized natural language processing (NLP) solutions by connecting AI models with different data sources.

Langchain is a versatile framework for building applications using large language models, solving the limitations of traditional LLM-based approaches. It offers a wide range of applications with real-time information integration and even gives the potential to integrate with an organization’s data. This framework provides the solution for the rising trend of Custom AI-powered language models for various business needs.

Framework Overview: Langchain is a framework designed for building applications using large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3.5 or BARD etc.

How It Makes An LLM Application Different From Models Like ChatGPT:

  • LangChain offers a wider platform for more than just regular chatbots. It allows applications to connect with different types of data sources such as Google, Wikipedia, and organizational databases. This integration helps create a broader range of applications beyond the usual ones.
  • Chatbots like ChatGPT 3.5 have limited knowledge and do not include information past a particular date i.e. September 2021 as of now. While, Langchain includes real-time data from various sources, making it suitable for tasks requiring present information.
  • Langchain is versatile, allowing developers to create applications that leverage LLMs for tasks beyond conversation.
  • Cost: Using OpenAI's APIs incurs a specific cost per token. This cost can be limiting for organizations with high token usage. It's especially challenging for SMEs and startups on a tight budget.
  • Langchain offers the potential of integrating an organization’s data with its own LLM application development and therefore providing data confidentiality.
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How To Setup Langchain

  1. Access the OpenAI Dashboard:
  • Visit the OpenAI website and log in to your account or create one if you don't have it.
  • After logging in, navigate to the API section of your account to manage your API keys.

2. Generate an API Key:

  • In the API section, locate the "Manage Account" and "API Keys" options.
  • Generate a new API key by clicking on the relevant option and copying the generated key to a secure location.

3. Securely Store Your API Key:

  • Create a Python file (e.g., to store your API key as a variable. For security, don't share this file publicly.
  • Import the key variable into your project code for secure access.

4. Install Required Modules:

  • You need to have a Python version greater than 3.8.1
  • Open a terminal and install the necessary modules using the following command

5. Start Using Langchain:

  • Import the Langchain module and set your API key using the environment variable.
  • Begin building applications that leverage LLMs for various tasks

Develop Applications with Langchain

First of all, you have to identify a specific need in your business or potential market that can be targeted through the automated generation of content. Whether it's drafting reports, generating creative writing, or composing emails.

Creating Application
Then you have to design the core functionality of your application using prompts and GPT models and make sure the application can accept user input and generate content accordingly.
Experiment with different GPT models and prompts to test its capabilities.
It’ll be good to offer options to users so that they can provide specific input and preferences

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Create User interface
You can create an interface for users to interact with the app. You can decide whether the app is going to be based on the web or it will run through a script. While this step is optional, recognize the importance of user experience and try to create an intuitive user interface.

Now that you are ready to deploy your app, choose a cloud platform for deployment like AWS Heroku etc.
Now deploy the app on your chosen platform and ensure all the configuration and set up necessary environment variables.

Key Features

  • Framework for LLM application.
  • Plug and play – It supports integration or collaboration with various large language models including both open-source and proprietary models according to users or organizations needing Hugging Face.
  • Data Source Integration
  • Customizable Applications
  • Future Enhancements


Cost savings:
Langchain can save organizations money by minimizing the need to use OpenAI’s APIs. This can save organizations a significant amount of money, as OpenAI's APIs charge per token.

Real-time information:
Langchain can get access to real-time information from different data sources. This means that Langchain-powered applications can provide users with the most up-to-date information possible. As an example, consider a customer support chatbot powered by LangChain. This chatbot could retrieve up-to-the-minute inventory information, informing customers about the availability of items promptly.

Customization and integration:
Langchain is highly customizable and integrated with a wide range of other applications. This implies that businesses can customize Langchain to meet their individual requirements and integrate it with their existing IT infrastructure. For example, a company may utilize Langchain to build a chatbot that provides personalized customer support based on its own customer data.

The potential to use Langchain as a chatbot, personal assistant, question-answering over docs and for extraction, evaluation, and assessment is an example of how it can be customized to meet the demands of various organisations.

Data Access and Security:
Before the access of custom models or Langchain the organizations had to use third-party API's, They have to trust that the third-party provider will keep their data secure, however, there is always the risk of a data leak, theft, etc.

In addition to that LangChain enables connection with a wide range of external data sources.


Langchain simplifies building applications with advanced language models. It occurs as a revolutionary framework that can combine large language models (LLM) with personalized data sources effectively.

As technology expands, Langchain adds smarter elements like chat interfaces, providing better help in various situations. It has the ability to develop dynamic interactions, conduct complex data searches, and execute actions based on insights making it a game changer in a variety of domains.

Langchain can help you make the most of your data to build chatbots, personal assistants, and other LLM applications. Hire The Best Langchain Engineer. With NLP applications becoming more important, frameworks like LangChain are becoming even more useful.

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