What is Hubspot! Hubspot is an online platform which provides learning and business section. Here you can learn the tips provided by their experts and implement the same in your business. In Hubspot, services like sales, marketing and customer services are presents which assist us to nurture our customers. You can enrol in any of them and take benefit of this free platform for learning i.e. Hubspot academy and achieve certifications by giving the test of a particular test.

Why Hubspot!

Hubspot can be joined for various reasons. If you are new to marketing strategies and not able to grow your sales lead. Hubspot share multiple strategies which we can implement to increase the presence of our business. Hubspot follows inbound strategies to grow your business. In this way, Hubspot assists us in attracting and engaging our customer in a way so that we can complete our goals. Let's look into the various strategies provided by Hubspot.

Hubspot Marketing: In marketing, inbound marketing software assists us for improving the digital presence of our business, engagement with new audience and help us to nurture our leads in a better way. It has everything which is required to increase online presence such as

Content strategy, Blog, Social media strategies, landing pages, SEO and Ads too.
Guide us to find more leads through email marketing, marketing automation, CTAs, Conversational bots, Video, A/B testing, Live chats, forms, smart content.
It also provides measure revenues/ reporting, with which one should can measure through campaign reporting, website traffic analytics, and attribution reporting.

Hubspot Sales: This section assist us to have a deeper look at our contacts or leads. Provide us with the opportunity to automate some task to save time. Therefore, we are able to work closely with deals and even achieve our goal. It provides us platform to streamline our process through;

Email tracking, Email and outlook integration, task automation, Email sequences, calling. Hubspot also helps us working on client's term like we can book meeting according to their calendar, live chat, one on one meetings, and other tasks/activities. sales hub provide a perfect way of tracking reports, thus we can improve from earlier reports. It has pipeline management, deal forecasting, rep productivity performance.

Customer services: This service offers you to connect with your customers and work according to their expectation even have a chance to exceed them. which results into potential customers/ promoters who can help you grow your business.

In a customer service hub, you can organise and track all the customer communications through ticketing, live chat, conversational inbox, bots, calling, and team email. This tool will help you to delight your customers through the knowledgebase, video, templates, email sequences, task automation, and ticket automation. You can also improve your earlier experience by capturing reports through time to close reports, ticket closed reports, customer surveys, and rep productivity performance.

In conclusion, Hubspot is a platform which provides a way to grow digitally by following their strategies.