1: Sublime Merge

It’s a great alternative for gitk and cola. It provides a GUI for all the git operations like-

Stash, commit, amend, branch etc.
Some Other Key highlights are
Repository-Level Tabs - use tabs to quickly navigate between multiple repositories

  • Upgraded Commit UI - focus on what’s important with an upgraded commit UI
  • Flexible Layouts - adapt the layout to fit your context and workflow
  • Hardware Acceleration - harness your device's power with OpenGL rendering
  • It shows diffs with intra-line changes, syntax coloring/styles (albeit not for Swift), and the name of the modified function.

It integrates easily with sublime. You just have to right click on any git repo and you will get the option to seed the file/folder history which will directly open in the sublime merge.

2: Tabnine

Tabnine's AI code completion solution takes  productivity to the next level by combining state-of-the-art public code models with accurate custom algorithms. This all-language code completion assistant constantly learns team code, patterns, and settings, resulting in an enterprise-level solution.

Every time a team member uses this app,  this code completion will be more accurate. Development teams can also get consistency between standardized code and tools.

3: Sidebar Enhancements

Improves Sublime Text's file and folder sidebar operations. In particular, set Delete to "Move to Trash", add an "Open With ..." option, close Sublime Text and take a number of actions  on files and folders without taking any action on the file.

It provides most important missing operations like the move , copy paths and other advance features like find in folder, project or workspace.

4: Pretty Json

If you're using json and want to view it in the proper format in Sublime, you can install the extension very quickly. It provides various features like

  • Format json
  • Validate json
  • Minify json

All the above functions can be done within sublime only.

1. Endwise

This is my favorite extension that can save you a lot of time and headaches. Many times what happens is that we often forget to write the closing block, so endwise is here to help you with the closing statement. This extension automatically adds end to all your Ruby code blocks.

2. Auto Rename Tag

Let's say you have a div block and now you want to change this dicv block to a paragraph block, you don't need to change both the opening and closing tag, you just need to change one and the other one will get updated automatically.

3. Ruby on Rails

These two plugin helps in the readability of the code, it uses colour combination to make the developer understand the code better and also it looks good too.

4. Vscode Ruby

This extension provides improved syntax highlighting, language configuration, and snippets to Ruby and ERB files within Visual Studio Code. It is meant to be used alongside the Ruby extension.

1. GITHUB-1s

Github1s helps you analyse any public repository, all you have to do is write 1s after github and then any public repo would be opened just like you open a repo in vscode.

The significance of this is you need not to traverse down the file and wait it to load, instead

it would be more like traversing file in vscode.

2. Test Webhook

Lets say you have made a feature where you need to pass automated information to another application, and testing this is a pain in the ass, so with the above mentioned endpoint, one can test the webhook connection easily without  facing any issue.

3. Gitpod

It’s an open source alternative for the github codespaces.

From GitHub, Gitlab, or Bitbucket's Git repository, Gitpod can create a server-side environment in seconds. This is a fully customizable Docker container that contains source code, git terminal, VS Code extensions,  IDE (Theia IDE) and more. The development environment is powerful enough  to run auxiliary services such as apps and  databases.

It provides code security and save time while developing large scale application with multiple devs

4. Exercism

Exercism is an open source platlorm for doing courses free of cost on different languages. What makes this platform from the other platforms:

  • It's Free of cost.
  • The courses are very well defined and are made in a way that a person can go from beginner to pro in no time without struggling with the course.
  • This platform also supports one to one mentorship sessions.
  • If you have the ability and are proficient with the programming languages then you can also be a mentor and can guide and help new bees.
  • This platform has well defined courses for more than 57 programming languages.
  • It also offers a browser editor: you need not to install any programming language locally, you just use the built in browser editor.
  • It also gives automated analysis of the code, so that one can improve the quality of the code.

5. Hoppscotch.io

Hoppscotch is a free, open source and lightweight API testing tool. Its core value is based on the rapid creation and use of requests. Available from web apps, there is  also a PWA (Progressive Web Applications) version. You don't need to register to try the service, but it's useful to save the results to the cloud.

It’s a great alternative to the postman as you can create a workspace for free and easily share the API collection between multiple members in the organization or group.


The resources discussed above are used widely by our developers at bluebash.co. These tools and extensions can save a lot of time for developers and they can spend more time on writing clean, efficient and reliable code, rather than searching the web for the commands and syntaxes.

There are many other tools like this that developers can use and make the development process smoother.