Arvind Jain's New AI Startup is Making Work Easier

Arvind Jain's New AI Startup is Making Work Easier
Arvind Jain's AI Startup Makes Work Easier

After co-founding Rubrik, a billion-dollar startup, Arvind Jain didn't stop there. He went on to start another company, Glean, which is making waves in the world of enterprise software.

What is Glean?

Glean is a company Jain launched in 2019 to help businesses streamline their HR processes. Imagine needing to find out how much paid time off (PTO) you have left or when the next company holiday is—Glean has the answers. It's like having ChatGPT for your workplace.

Jain saw a gap in the market for an HR tool that could handle these queries efficiently. At the time, both investors and clients were skeptical. They thought investing in such a product was risky because the market for this type of enterprise software was still in its infancy.

Rapid Success

Despite initial doubts, Glean has grown rapidly. Today, the company is valued at over $2.2 billion and has raised more than $200 million in venture capital. Jain credits part of this success to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). He mentioned that a few years ago, many people didn't know about Large Language Models (LLMs), but Glean was already integrating them into their product.

“We were the first company to actually build vector search and embeddings and these other terms you hear these days in the AI world,” Jain said. This early adoption has helped Glean provide more accurate and complex answers to HR questions.

Focus on Cybersecurity

Jain also emphasized the importance of cybersecurity in AI development. Given his background with Rubrik, a cybersecurity company, it's no surprise that he places a high priority on securing user and client data. “Cybersecurity is actually one of the key pillars,” Jain explained. He believes that before rolling out AI within a company, ensuring data security is crucial.

Leadership Style and Future Goals

When it comes to leadership, Jain prefers a hands-off approach. He hires passionate people and trusts them to do their best work. Describing himself as a product-obsessed founder, Jain admits he's still learning the ropes of being a CEO, a role quite different from his previous position as head of research and development at Rubrik.

Looking ahead, Jain hopes that Glean will transform the way people work and eventually become a public company. For him, achieving that would be a second major success in his career.

In summary, Arvind Jain's new venture, Glean, is set to revolutionize workplace efficiency with its AI-driven solutions, making it easier for employees to get the HR information they need quickly and securely.

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