Well, We think artificial intelligence is our future, That day is not far when most of the things will be depended upon AI. Although, there are lots of things which are already depended on AI and resolved a lot of human's efforts. For instance, Alexa developed by Amazon is a great example. A year ago Google's CEO Sundar Pichai, revealed an advance version of Google Assistant. He also informed that how advance version is capable of resolving human tasks.

There will not be a single person who is in touch with technology or the latest technology does not aware of AI. In short, Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science which allows or focus on assisting others that could be machine or human. The latest improvement, AI can "think" and "learn", with the help of these machines could do the task which was only completed by humans. Here the question arises, does robot will replace humans to complete those tasks. Still, we don't have an answer to this question because the debate is still going on and of-course risk is also involved in the same.

Google Assistant is a great product launched by Google which has various kinds of assisting ability such as booking a restaurant or salon appointment. So, the main motive of this feature is to keep away humans from their smartphone's screen as much as possible. Google introduced this tool at Google's annual developer's conference. Sundar Pichai CEO of Google said that this product has the ability and potential to do daily chores and human can free themselves from such tasks.As a demo, Google's CEO played a video in a conference where Google assistant booked an appointment at salon with natural fillers like human used while speaking (ums, likes) with a staff who didn't realise that they are dealing with a programmed software. Google's CEO said that "Our vision for our assistant is to help you to get things done" but also, helps us to keep a healthier relationship with our digital devices.

Google was also planning to keep human being away from their smartphones so that they can spend some time offline. In fact, they have launched this feature "remind me to take a break" in you tube. A pop up will show how much time a person has spent on their phones. Most of the people these days are found using their phone while spending time with their family or any kind of functions. But also, people have a tendency of keep checking their phone after five minutes because they do not want to feel left out from their social life or any other technologies and there is no doubt that these days social media applications keep us updated with the latest information and is a source of enriching the knowledge.

To maintain such balance Pichai said that Google wants "to help people find the right balance and gain a sense of digital well being". As per Pichai, people who spent too much time on you tube will be able to set up that reminder to take some break. As we know you-tube is owned by Google, Google is taking this step for the well being of our society.

IBM is also leading to artificial intelligence technology, Watson is a great example of the same. It's a computer system which is capable of giving answers to the questions. It provides value to the data in various ways and helps people from doing repetitive tasks. Thus, people can utilise that time in other creativity. Watson has opened door to various sectors like media, education, healthcare centres, customer engagements, IoT, Advertising industry, etc.

This year in Feb, IBM also, introduced their project debater, in front of a live audience, which took five years to complete and who can argue with humans with its own thinking. Project debater has the capability to stand in-front of the opponent to some extent. if you don't know this debater have a gender "She", Although she didn't win the debate but managed to argue with Harish Natarajan who is the head of economic risk and also won the world debating championship 2016 and European debating championship 2012. Harish also won the debate from machine (IBM's Project debater). Most of the time project debater made her point against the opponent but lost the war marginally.

To conclude, this would be a great success in artificial intelligence that scientists has managed to develop a product which can understand the concept and have the ability to deal contextually. We think that AI will amaze us further in the same way and scientist will be able to crack it with perfection.