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The ‘Managed Cloud Services for AWS’ offers you comprehensive cloud management support by handing over the operational responsibility of your AWS cloud operations to Bluebash. It means as a Managed Cloud Service provider(MCSP), we offer your AWS Infra is being maintained and operated by Bluebash. The Amazon-managed services help you take advantage of AWS at scale while reducing cost and improving security. With specialized automation, skills, and experience that are contextual to your environment and applications, We leverage standard AWS services and guide the implementation of best practices. As an AWS partner, Bluebash offers AWS cloud hosting services.

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Why Managed Cloud Services?

Managing, updating, and replacing hardware and software components is your responsibility when it's all on-premises. AWS Cloud service providers permit you to allocate the management of one, several, or every part of your infrastructure to a third party. Choosing a cloud service provider is a helpful way to access computing services.

Most organizations place a high priority on optimizing and enhancing their management processes. Increasing cloud adoption has led to organizations choosing different methods of managing their cloud infrastructure. In some cases, the IT department manages it internally, while in others, a managed cloud service provider manages the cloud and hybrid environment and its resources. Bluebash offers high-quality AWS professional services.

Managed Cloud Service for AWS provides:

24x7 service

Operated through ITIL-processes (SLA –based service)

Monitoring of cloud Infrastructure

Backup of workloads

Update and Patch management

Governance & Reporting


Why This is
Important :

An organization can achieve numerous objectives by partnering with aws managed service provider. As a result, complexity will be reduced, cost control will be improved, and innovation and growth will be accelerated.

Protecting your organisation is becoming more difficult as employees bring their own devices and applications to work and data flows in and out of your organisation in a variety of ways. While the attack surface has expanded, attacks have also become more sophisticated, damaging, and expensive.

  • $500 billion: Microsoft’s estimate for the total potential cost of cybercrime to the global community. (Source: Microsoft)
  • 14 billion: The amount the U.S. government spent in 2017 on cybersecurity. The government intends to spend 19 million in 2017. (Source: CIO)
  • $2.1 trillion: The total global annual cost of all data breaches by 2019, as suggested by Juniper Research. (Source: Juniper Research)
  • $3.8 million: The average cost of a data breach to a business. (Source: Microsoft)
  • Cybercriminals will increasingly use artificial intelligence and machine learning to conduct attacks. (Source: Symantec)

Today's security leaders need to balance these challenges with business growth, innovation, and collaboration needs. In the past, security models focused on building "better walls" and layering perimeter defenses. Faced with changing threats, traditional security models are no longer effective. Today, organizations need to have an always-on and multifaceted approach to security that constantly protects all endpoints, detects the early signs of a breach, and responds before that threat can cause damage.

The primary risks will include :


Data Privacy Compliance


Data Breaches


Unauthorised Access


Unauthorised Access


Malware Infections



What We Offer:


Offer essential IT support services such as alerting, monitoring, and process continuity, with little focus on the IT business side and planning.


Beyond process continuity, disaster recovery, and maintenance to enhance scalability are part of this offering.


Offer a complete set of managed services offerings at their facility, combining high-level and lower-level services.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services:


Cost Savings :

Using a managed cloud service provider saves you money over the long term. With a managed service provider, you are no longer responsible for any capital or operational expenses incurred in maintaining your cloud network infrastructure. You do not need to manage the responsibility to hire people with the needed skills. It is possible to leverage reliable and robust cloud infrastructure without having to incur heavy expenses.


Resource Optimization :

Depending on your workload, we determine the best services for you. We examine the existing cloud infrastructure monthly and provide suggestions for improving configurations. We have the best cloud vendors who help you understand which pricing models are the most cost-efficient for your needs and how you can configure services to optimize performance while minimizing costs.


Predictable Pricing :

On-premises solutions may be harder to predict, while public clouds give you a better idea of pricing. The price of managed cloud services is based on utilization and is predictive.


Inherent Scalability :

Whenever your organization needs to scale quickly, you only need to pay for the additional resources. You don't need to buy more expensive equipment or servers. Whenever necessary, additional resources can be deployed.


Reliable infrastructure :

Setting up a network infrastructure requires a great deal of time and effort. If not done properly, your network infrastructure may actually obstruct, rather than boost your business. A managed service provider is experienced and knowledgeable in building and maintaining cloud networks. As such, adopting aws managed services secures the longevity as well as the stability of the cloud network infrastructure.


Network Security :

It is extremely important to ensure that your network is secure when using the cloud. If your cloud network is not fully secured, it is impressible to penetration and compromise due to its larger attack surface and multiple attack vectors. Security of cloud computing is a complex and difficult task that requires personnel with skills that are in high demand and are not readily available. Cloud management service providers have the necessary knowledge and personnel to keep your cloud network safe from unauthorized access.

Why Choose BLUEBASH For Cloud Services?

Hosting and managing cloud computing platforms, applications, and data services from Bluebash accelerates time-to-value, reduces costs, and simplifies delivering cloud-native applications. Consequently, organizations can confidently build and scale hybrid cloud applications while relying on Bluebash to handle everything else.

We are considered one of the best cloud computing companies as we protect delicate information. Our Information Protection solutions ensure data protection at all times, no matter where it is stored or who has access to it.


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Featured Case Studies

Trusted by many entrepreneurs around the globe.


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