Everyone must be curious that why a web designer ever feels the need to learn the Ruby on Rails (a programming language), of course, such question would hit on their mind.

Here I would like to highlight one thing as an instance which was happened a year ago When Nokia CEO said we didn't do anything to stand in the market that's why we are so far behind from other brands.

Therefore, "we didn't do anything extra" which creates a situation of their downfall. Thus, when we are already into the competitive world, we should keep learning things that are going to help us in the future may be in our career.

If you want to be obsolete as things or put your self out of the market, then this is not yours cup of tea. Just chill somewhere else. If such things matter to you then let's dig deeper.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby is a programming language that requires rails as a platform to run the code or components as per the requirements. Moreover, it's open-source and can be accessible at free of cost.

Ruby on rails is the most mature and eminent platform till now and always on the priority among developers because of its ease of access and reliability.

20 reasons to learn Ruby on Rails

1. Stabled Career

If you want to be in the IT world as a long-running horse then you have to keep your self updated with such technologies where dependencies are going to be there in your chosen technology. In such a way, you can distinguish yourself among others.

2. Unique personality

While going for the interviews your resume will differentiate you from other interviews automatically and put you on the first choice to think about you. You will be able to grab more confidence and stand on the base of the technologies.

More demanded technology will you a better chance of Hire as a permanent employee. Isn't it a worse feeling when you are not hired due to lack of the demanded technology and some other person got hired instead of you.

3. Creative

If you are much creative and easily bored from the present thing then it would be the best choice to learn the technology which is more frequently asked in the interviews.

Creative person always finds a way to keep themselves busy in the learning. Eventually, you need something to learn then why not Ruby on Rails which is more stabled technology till now and still in the trend.

4. Open-Source

The most imperative thing, Ruby on Rails is a freeware platform to learn the technology. You don't have to save your pocket money to spend on technology, even this technology is providing self-descriptive guides for the beginners. You can have some hand-on as well while learning theoretically. Isn't it a great thing, you can take maximum benefits from such platforms.

5. Easy-Peasy Learning

Ruby on Rails is structured oriented language and its super easy to learn if you already have some hands-on JavaScript. it's far easy than other high-level languages such as C#, Java. Its object-oriented approach makes it cooler than other technologies that are companies and the client's first approach is Ruby on Rails. It has various benefits which you can read in the related article: Why should you choose Ruby on rails.

6. Best approach in complexity

If you are going to create a complex website then Ruby on rails will be the best choice due to the object-oriented approach. Yes, of course, there are other programming languages are also like PHP for website building, however, such language will assist you in simple websites where you don't have to bother much with the code.

7. Smart Framework

Ruby on Rails provides a smart framework where a person can code with fewer difficulties. Moreover, Ruby on Rails has several shortcuts that are written in Ruby itself which assist developers while building websites. Thus, this could be the primary reason to choose this language as a development and even for learning. Such an approach makes it smooth and easy to grasp.

8. Popularity

Did you know? most of the popular websites are created in the ruby on rails such as Airbnb, Crunchbase, Twitch, Bleacher Report, Scribd, Groupon, Gumroad, Hulu, Kickstarter, Pitchfork, Sendgrid, Soundcloud, Square, Yammer, Github, Shopify.

9. Code Clarity

Ruby on rails offers clarity and structured code which doesn't create any difficulty for the other developer to understand it from scratch. Suppose your developer is not available right the moment, then another developer can fix the issues and add the required functionality within a few hours after studying the code.

10. Ruby on Rails is Highly Reliable

Ruby on Rails is highly reliable and productive as whenever we require any need to combine with other languages. It provides various extra features on which a developer can easily rely.

11. Ruby is approach for the beginner

If you are novice into this market then Ruby on Rails would be the best choice for you as this language shares a great user experience. It has everything that is required for efficiently designing a website. Ruby on Rails is so handy that it can be responsive as per your latest requirement by the clients and you can easily match up with the trend followed in the technology.

12. Community of Experts

Since Ruby on rails is so famous that it has a community full of experts who have great experience in this technology. The most important thing of this community is, they are ever ready to assist the seekers. Developers can share there issues or problems being faced during the designing of the website. Professionals will respond to your post according to their experience and will guide you properly.

13. Collaboration with other developers

While sharing your issues with other developers, you will realize several mistakes in your code which you were committing earlier. You will be able to broaden your thinking and match-up with the experts. The area of learning will extend and will be able to learn from your mistakes. Such experience will teach you a lot and further you can teach the same thing to other beginners.

14. Better way to express the Ideas

Ruby on Rails would be the best tool for you to express the great idea through coding. Ruby on rails helps you to think actively and with a clear mind because this language links you with the reality-based scenarios. In such a way you feel more productive and able to express the things.

15. Stay updated

You can read from the blogs and communities to update yourself in the technology and you can also subscribe to the emails for the daily updates regarding the technology.

16. Reusability

The best thing about Ruby on rails is that you can reuse the code in other projects too. You can create scalable solutions through this technology. Just like Plug and play solutions.

17. Become a Stud

If you already know PHP language then after learning Ruby on Rails you can master your approaches. Nobody is saying that you should master the PHP language first, if you are a beginner then also you can start learning Ruby on rails technology. In Ruby on rails, you don't have to code from the scratch, therefore, its framework is so effective.

18. Match the Niche

If you are fond of the IT world and don't want to ever leave the web design/development area. Ruby on rails will help you to match the niche and update you with the trends. You will be mostly hired by the design and development agency who have worked on enterprise level. Most of the client does not know much about the back-end technology therefore, it depends upon you to find the best solution for them in the best possible way.

19. Easy to match the deadlines

If you have a deadline to complete the task of your client, at that time ROR will also help you by using existing components to complete the work on time.

20. Choose the best technology

There are several languages in the web services, however, it depends upon you to choose the best technology according to the requirements and trend. You will be wholly solely to decide to provide a solution to your customer.