What is Project Management?

When we talk about Project Management, it isn’t only meant for a single project, rather it is a methodology used to achieve discrete goals in an organization that goes through dozens even hundreds of changes. These changes can range from small adjustments within the organization or a complete company structure. But now, it is more than just achieving discrete goals.

Vision vs Strategy

The methodology is being applied to broader strategy and enhance vision. Talking about vision, it is good to articulate a very clear vision from the very beginning, but remember your vision may change as the project unfolds and you learn more about the problems you are solving. If needed, rewrite your vision statement and rewrite it again. Where the vision fails, there comes the strategy. Having a strategy makes it easier to understand the needs of a project and how the manager wants each phase to progress. Everything is up to mark be it communicating with stakeholders, or clients, work breakdown structures, documenting or celebrating milestones, and the list goes on and on.

Future of Project Management

Project Management is a vast subject area and if it is your first time, I recommend that you get a cup of tea just joking. Individuals who work in project management should prioritize anticipating, planning, communication, and adapting to the changing needs of the industry.

The best way is to pursue a degree in Project Management. According to PMI, organizations are raising their expectations for project leaders who have some type of certification for their roles.

Project Managers do not need to become experts in any field they just need to be ready for any kind of changes and should aim to understand their organization’s plan changes in their roles and daily work.

Project Management is an element of skill that involves a never ending process of business growth. One gets it when they are passionate about it. Managing includes both Vision and strategy both at the same time. Improper management can break the organization on the other hand proper one can make it too.