Everypay Payment Gateway Integration With Spree

Everypay Payment Gateway Integration With Spree
Everypay Payment Gateway Integration With Spree

Everypay is a robust payment gateway solution that enables businesses to accept payments from customers via various methods such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Spree is a popular e-commerce platform that companies can use with Everypay. With this post, we will help you to know how to integrate Everypay with Spree to provide a seamless payment experience to customers.

The installation process of SPREE Everypay
The Everypay gem must be added to your Gemfile before you can integrate it with Spree. This gem implements the functionality required to communicate with the Everypay API and process transactions. To include the gem, open your Gemfile and insert the following code:

gem 'spree_everypay'

You must first create an account with Everypay before you can begin processing transactions. After you've created your account, you'll need to get your API credentials. These credentials will be used to authenticate your Everypay API requests.

rails g spree_everypay: install

Step 3: In your Spree application, configure the gateway.

After obtaining your API credentials, you must configure the Everypay gateway in your Spree application. This can be accomplished by adding the necessary settings. Your API credentials will be included in the settings, as well as other configuration options.

Step 4: Integrate logic into your checkout process.

The final step in integrating Everypay with Spree is to incorporate the required logic into your checkout process. This will entail developing a new payment method and implementing the logic to process payments through the Everypay gateway.

How spree works with everypay extension
Spree Gateway Everypay provides a fully cloud-based, cutting-edge, and constantly improving payment gateway platform with all the tools needed to manage the acquiring side of eCommerce or any other business. Bluebash works on the Spree everypay extension and makes the payment process easier.

First of all, we need to go on to the new payment option. It opens payment provider settings:

  • After filling in all the details like Name, Stores, and description you can go to another page. Here you need to select the payment option through which you want to pay:

  • It shows up two options that are Check or credit card. After choosing check as an option we find two options on the screen which is:

  • Select Everypay and fill in the further details like Card number, customer name and CVV details. So everypay payment integration is usually linked with a spree

  • Lastly, to place the order it is mandatory to click on Save and continue.

Everypay is available in the following countries:

Everypay is a payment processing company primarily operating in Europe. They currently support payments in several European Union countries, including

Everypay's services may only be available in some regions of these countries, and the company may provide different services in some countries. Furthermore, Everypay may be unable to accept payments from all types of businesses or organizations. It's always a good idea to check their website or contact their support team to see if their services are available in your area or for your particular business. Even Bluebash makes the spree everypay extension smooth and easy.

With Everypay, online payments are simple and secure

So along with BEST PAYMENT GATEWAY one can manage the payment processing system easily. Do you think that after entering the bank account and card details your merchant does some magic? It is nothing like that you need to go with a suitable payment gateway platform. One of the best service providers is Everypay.

Conclusion: To summarise, integrating Everypay with Spree is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. You can begin accepting payments from customers using Everypay in your Spree e-commerce store by installing the Everypay gem and configuring it with your API key. This will provide a smooth checkout experience for your customers and make accepting payments simple for you. Everypay offers fully cloud-based payment gateway solutions that provide essential features and enable businesses to grow and scale by growing up world-class online payment solutions. EveryPay payment gateway is supported by Bluebash out of the box.