Healthcare has become one of the largest sectors in the World. Every day we heard about new IT solutions that make life easy.

In Us 90% population having medical insurance and every clinic have to do some manual work for this claim processing. Many platforms are providing patient management services to Hospitals/Clinics but most of them are struggling with this insurance claim submission and processing. Here we will talk about 1500 Claim form.

Here we will cover the following points:-

  • What issues Developer faces while generating 1500?
  • How to make pixel perfect 1500 form with Rails?
  • A quick introduction about Trizetto and submit a Claim.
  • Generate a plain text file.

Developers face many issues while making a perfect 1500 form. In a word, there are many web app solution those provide Patient management system, and everyone is in the race to make a perfect solution. Most of the developers try HTML/CSS to make the 1500 claim form that pre-fill with patient information. But there is a problem with HTML/CSS because Insurance companies use OMR techniques to read 1500 form data. 1500 claim form is a bit hard to make with HTML and CSS, So most of the companies reject this form.

Make pixel perfect 1500 claim form with Rails. We need to install gem 'prawn'in our app. Using prawn you can print data on a particular position and it provides a functionality to add Image in background.
Now we just need two things.
a. All 1500 claim form coordinates
b. High-resolution blank 1500 claim from image for background

Generate 1500 claim form Ruby on Rails

Claim Submission is not a big challenge. We just need to understand, How clinics process claims 1500 form. Here Trizetto comes into the picture. Trizetto is a service that does claim processing. Trizetto provides a web portal and SFTP access where clinics can log in with the credential and upload 1500 claim form but we need to think about big hospitals where 1000+ claim forms submit in a day. It is very hard to do this manual stuff but we can make this easy with Trizetto SFTP credential. We can submit a claim from our rails app; all we just need to SFTP login and send a file to Trizetto.

Plain text file. Some companies are expecting the .txt file format. So, we can generate a .txt claim form with proper spaces. We just need to install a gem 'pdf-reader'. Now you just need to remove background and generate .txt file from the PDF.

Here We have just given a quick introduction because it is not possible to explain everything in this blog. If you need more detail or you want a solution to your problem feels free to contact us. Click here. :)