UI/UX Design Services

In a digital landscape, every business needs the experience of their users to be relevant, delightful and impactful. As customers and users both become digitally mature, UI UX also stands at a critical juncture to come to an age, propelling user journeys and interactions to the next level of a smarter, future-oriented reality.

our Design STUDIO

BlueBash harnesses the power of Insight, Strategy & Design towards humanizing technological outcomes. We help you re-imagining and re-defining user experiences for your product across the digital platforms.

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How we work?

We deliver quality products that stay within the predefined budget by identifying and adapting to changes much earlier in the entire process, avoiding an irreversible stage where the cost of changes is higher.



Our first step is always about gaining understanding & knowledge. We dig deep to know everything possible that will help us craft a better solution.

Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Competitor Analysis
Business Analysis
Market & User Analysis
Discovery Workshop


We draw insights from the research data and craft a product roadmap that solves problems like no other existing products.

Problem Statement
User Journey Map
Use Cases & User Flow
Information Architecture
Product Roadmap


It's all about bringing emotions to logic. We map empathy and cognitive science to derive on a product that is not just usable but appealing as well.

Illustrations & Iconography
Rapid Prototyping
Motion & Animation
Design System Library
User Interface

UX/UI design services

Our approach is very simple: we define your problem and design the best solution. We join our forces with your team, by providing our user experience (UX) centered analysis, research, strategy and user experience (UX) design services, to match your products and services with your users’ needs.

User Interface Design

We are going through the final wireframes and discuss the requirements and opportunities of the redesign, analyse best practices and competitors. Based on the wireframes designed in iterations we define the brand identity.

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User Research & Insights

We are able to gain significant advantage by implementing convincing and tested best practice solutions. Together with the best practice analyses we review available analytics to identify the weaknesses and obstacles which are blocking conversion.

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UX Audit & Strategy

UX Audit service; where we analyze your digital products thoroughly, pinpoint user pain points, prioritize and report actionable insights regarding usability.

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User Experience Design

We become a part of your team to define the user-centered user experience (UX) strategy for your product or service. We aimed the best interactions and interfaces with ideal UX design.

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What you can expect?

We deliver quality products that stay within the predefined budget by identifying and adapting to changes much earlier in the entire process, avoiding an irreversible stage where the cost of changes is higher.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture addresses the placeholders for various pieces of information or modules. At BlueBash, the IA is architected with user journey as basis, contextualized differentially for different platforms.

Navigation Framework

Do we require mega menu or more work space? Are we considering touch devices? Are users predisposed to a structure ? We address these questions and more.


The purpose of wireframing is to generate alternatives rapidly before each element is detailed to perfection. It’s an essential step to iterate and discuss technical approaches and strategic alternatives.


Interactivity being key to the quality of user experience, we consider storyboarding an activity giving a birds eye view to the UI pattern. Storyboards capture user journey, experience and address key flows.


Prototyping allows the validation of ideas with users, stakeholders and designers themselves. We employ various methods of prototyping, choosing among quick and dirty to pixel perfect prototypes as the situation demands.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design manifests in controls, components, animations and feedback; and define the usability and relevance of an interface. We innovate those elements, if need be.

Input Forms

User input forms are the primary way your users are communicating to you. Designing forms better, incorporating and designing newer technological alternatives like chatbots, makes life easier for you and your support teams.

Information and Data Design

Better visualization leads to better insight. In times where no application is complete without embedded analytics, we provide actionable insights, through user centric design, powered by superior data discovery.

Visual Branding

Visual branding supports your product and brand to communicate consistently through visual language. It includes concerns of trends, preferences, brand language and usability and their inter-relations.

Industries we impact

Our experience along with the knowledge of industry-specific tech and security standards are what give us enough power to build software of any complexity.

Real Estate
Fintech & Banking
Health Care & Fitness
Social Marketing
Travel & Tourism
Education & e-Learning
eCommerce & Retail
Sports & Entertainment

Popular mobile app marketplaces

We deliver quality products that stay within the predefined budget by identifying and adapting to changes much earlier in the entire process, avoiding an irreversible stage where the cost of changes is higher.


Food Delivery


Taxi Service


e-Commerce App


Grocery Delivery


Healthcare App


Pickup & Delivery


Home Services


Beauty Services

Our React JS case studies

Trusted by many entrepreneurs around the globe.

HealthCare & Fitness
iTrust Cloud EHR

A product by doctor for doctor’s. Optometry cloud EHR & practice management software.

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e-commerce & retail

Online one stop solution to buy evolutionary skincare product sebamed from SebamedUSA.com

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sports & entertainment
Crypto Store

Digitally making cryptocurrency convenient. As easy as buying milk.

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sports & entertainment

The digital gaming league platform to play among virtual teams.

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Tools of our trade

BlueBash offers software development services tailored-made to your business needs. We bring a range of latest technologies to align to your various business verticals with our result-driven approach. We hand-pick best combination to kick-start product success journey.










Adobe XD


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop



Whatever digital product you can dream, we’ll make a reality.




Types of contracts we offer

The diversity of your business objectives and requirements, induce the multiplicity of contract models we suggest.

The Time and Material approach is focused on small and mid-sized businesses as it best suits complex and long-term projects. Ongoing projects that are at the testing or bug fixing stage and projects that require maintenance or support are also suitable for T&M.

To start working by Time and Material approach, we estimate and agree on the particular scope of work, not the full project. This makes us more flexible in time management and planning.

Discuss Your Requirements
Sketchy Project Concept
Changeable Workflow
Poorly Defined Target Market
High Control Requirements
Discuss Your Requirements

Fixed price model is useful when the client is clear with his project requirement and specification before starting the project.

After the client’s request we analyze the project scope and complexity and provide delivery time and fixed budget for the complete project development for client’s approval. Client have to pay fix decided price and get delivery of their project on time with the finest output.

Discuss Your Requirements
Suitable for MVP Projects
Stable Requirements
Fixed Deadlines & Budget
Milestone Based Payment
Discuss Your Requirements

Dedicated team is a business model where client and service provider mutually agree on the project requirements and tasks for the specified amount of time. In this model, clients hire single or a team of dedicated developers according to their project requirement.

Dedicated developers will exclusively work on a specific project and client can monitor the performed activities and process of the project.

Discuss Your Requirements
Large Projects
Change Requests
160 Hours of Part/Full Time
Monthly Billing
Discuss Your Requirements