Spree e-Commerce Development Service

Spree Commerce is an open-source eCommerce platform for Rails 6 with a mobile-first UX, numerous extensions and an ecosystem of third-party integrations.

We’re spree experts, having years of experience in creating extensions for one of the fastest growing open source project in the world. We have been contributing to SpreeCommerce since year 2012.







9 reasons to upgrade or choose Spree for a new project

Truly mobile-first

Smooth UX on any device: iPhone, Android, iPad or desktop.

Amazing page load speed and SEO

Google will love it and so will your customers – both old and new.

Fully featured eCommerce platform

Rich UX, omnichannel, international sales and more.

Short time: launch in a week

Install, customize, configure and start selling your products online.

Open-source: you own it

Self-hosted and fully-owned platform. And it’s free!

Flexibility for future growth

Start lean, test the market and then scale as you grow.

PCI compliance

Available payment gateways enable full PCI-DSS compliance.

Secure authentication

Strong password encryption, token-based REST API and more.

Mature underlying technology

Built-in Ruby on Rails framework security features.

Top e-commerce brands we’ve built and maintained









Our powerful spree gems & extensions

Spree Ecom Reports Extension

Get hold on data analysis reports of eCommerce store activities like payments, orders made, transactions count etc.

Spree Shipstation

Connect any eCommerce store with the shipstation too and send customized data to shipstations for quick order processing.

Spree MLM

Allow people to join as consultant, joiner gets loyalties and rewards when they create orders or refers others to become consultant.

Spree Partners

Get information and functionality of the user dashboard features like rewards, referral code & referral link.

Spree Loyalty

Enable customer loyalty feature. Your customer gets loyalty points on each successful order and automatically redeems points on next order.

Spree Events Tracker

Get complete store analytics. Track events like checkout, order completion etc. Get insight of each event happening at store.

Spree Chat & Campaigns

Enable 2-way SMS chat. Create different list of customers to organize message campaign and send promotions and announcements SMS.

What you can expect?

Integration And Customization Of Spree Extensions

Setup an eCommerce store in Spree/Solidus & creates customize extensions

Spree Wishlist
Spree Related Product
Spree Volume Pricing
Spree Sales
Spree Recently Viewed
Spree Product Assembly
Spree Active Shipping
Spree Address Book
Spree Vouchers
Spree Static Content
Spree Reviews

Optimisation Services For Spree Stores

Improve page speed by doing in-app optimizations & server-side optimizations

Page Speed Optimization
Integrate PageSpeed Nginx Module
Adds CDN To Your Store Integration

UI/UX Improvement

Build new designs and improve existing designs to gain customers confidence

Custom Designs
Redesign Checkout (Responsive)
Floating Mini Cart

Automation and Operational

Add backups, import & export etc services into your store to automate work and save human efforts

Automate Database Backup
Import and Export

Spree Checkout Improvements

One page checkout and improve usability for better conversion.

Spree One Page Checkout
Spree Multi Page Checkout
Bug Fixes With Checkout
Store Credit Card and Populate On Checkout

Marketing Features For Stores

Features like a referral, loyalty, MLM, gift cards & coupons.

MLM (Multi Level Marketing Program)
Referral Program
Loyalty Program

SEO Improvements

Optimize stores for better search engine performance & visibility

Use Schema.org
Automate Meta Tags, Page Titles, Canonical Tags
Generate Sitemap
WordPress Blog

Analytics and Tracking

Get in-depth insights into analytics & tracking using services like GTM etc.

Add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Marketing Tags
Spree Admin Insights

Integration And Customization of Payment Services

Integration of a variety of payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Authorized.net etc.

Spree PayPal Express
Stripe Integration
Quick Pay/Apple Pay Integration

Sense Of Urgency For Spree Stores

Make sense of urgency among your customers for eCommerce stores.

Countdown Timer On Checkout
Product Recent Purchase History
Limited Stock
Estimated Delivery with Date and Time
Free Shipping Progress Bar

Customise Features For Spree Stores

Development for social, e-commerce, health care & custom applications.

Google Map Locator
Product Advisor (Questionnaire)
B2B Selling (WholeSale Feature)
Subscription and Product Subscription
Reorder Feature
Trail Product Feature
MWS Auto Pricing
ElasticSearch For Store Products

Our clients and you’re in good company

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Types of contracts we offer

The diversity of your business objectives and requirements, induce the multiplicity of contract models we suggest.

The Time and Material approach is focused on small and mid-sized businesses as it best suits complex and long-term projects. Ongoing projects that are at the testing or bug fixing stage and projects that require maintenance or support are also suitable for T&M.

To start working by Time and Material approach, we estimate and agree on the particular scope of work, not the full project. This makes us more flexible in time management and planning.

Discuss Your Requirements
Sketchy Project Concept
Changeable Workflow
Poorly Defined Target Market
High Control Requirements
Discuss Your Requirements

Fixed price model is useful when the client is clear with his project requirement and specification before starting the project.

After the client’s request we analyze the project scope and complexity and provide delivery time and fixed budget for the complete project development for client’s approval. Client have to pay fix decided price and get delivery of their project on time with the finest output.

Discuss Your Requirements
Suitable for MVP Projects
Stable Requirements
Fixed Deadlines & Budget
Milestone Based Payment
Discuss Your Requirements

Dedicated team is a business model where client and service provider mutually agree on the project requirements and tasks for the specified amount of time. In this model, clients hire single or a team of dedicated developers according to their project requirement.

Dedicated developers will exclusively work on a specific project and client can monitor the performed activities and process of the project.

Discuss Your Requirements
Large Projects
Change Requests
160 Hours of Part/Full Time
Monthly Billing
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